Biden’s own voters face reality after debate, call on him to drop out of election: ‘It’s embarrassing for the country’

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Battleground-state voters are abandoning President Joe Biden in droves.

On Independence Day, the New York Times spoke with 80 voters in multiple swing states — Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina — who supported Biden in 2020.

‘It would be ideal to have someone more coherent and involved, and there.’

But times have changed. Now, more than half of those Biden supporters want the president to drop out of the 2024 presidential contest. Only one-quarter of them, on the other hand, want Biden to continue running. The rest were undecided, according to the Times.

“He should exit the race. The sooner the better. He doesn’t meet the criteria for having the most important job in the world,” said 72-year-old Gerry Ford from Wisconsin.

Ford said Biden’s disastrous debate performance fulfilled “all of our suspicions about politicians that they can’t be straight with voters.”

“It’s embarrassing for the country,” he added.

Jeanne Winograd, a 72-year-old Democrat from Arizona, told the Times that she sent Biden a card in February praising his vigor. But the debate transformed her view of the 81-year-old commander in chief.

“I just love Biden, but he’s frail. Pass the baton,” Winograd said.

Other voters told the Times:

  • Raja Seshadri of North Carolina: “We can’t agree on a way ahead, we can’t agree on what to do about the current situation. … We’re going to lose.”
  • Elaine Becherer of Arizona: “It is disgraceful they’ve allowed him to get here and all of us to be here.”
  • Greg Holmes of Michigan: “If Biden says and does what I call the right thing, or courageous thing, and passes the baton, I will be ecstatic and fired up for the next person.”
  • Michael John of Arizona: “It would be ideal to have someone more coherent and involved, and there.”

Overall, the voters, according to the Times, “felt frustrated and betrayed” by the Democratic Party. That’s because party leaders refused to hold an open primary — and now they’re paying the price for their non-democratic system.

The sentiment matches what post-debate polls have shown.

Leaked Democratic internal polling, for example, showed that Biden lost about 2% of overall support in each of the four states where the New York Times conducted interviews. That is a significant drop that could easily make the difference on Election Day.

Despite weary voters and worsening polling, Biden is adamant that he is staying in the race.

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