Black pastor preaches the gospel of Kamala Harris

No place is safe from identity politics, not even the church — and this was confirmed in video footage of a pastor pleading with his congregation to make Kamala Harris the next president.

“Now you understand that it ain’t about Joe Biden. It’s about the fact that they also know that if Joe Biden gets re-elected in November at his age and stage, he probably won’t stay in the presidency for another four years,” the pastor said.

“And if he doesn’t, guess who emerges back to the seat of the presidency? Another African-American, and this time it’s a sister who went to Howard University,” he continued, adding, “I need about 50 people to stand on your feet to say, that’s intelligence.”

The pastor went on to explain that if Harris wins, they can “reclaim” DEI, critical race theory, and “put our content back in textbooks to teach the truth about a racist history in America.”

He then said that if that doesn’t happen, they’ll be forced to “go back to the plantation.”

Jason Whitlock
and Delano Squires are troubled by the performance.

“Everything about it was bad. The preoccupation with the politics of the day is bad. No mention of Jesus Christ, no mentions of sin or the cross or redemption or grace or forgiveness,” Squires tells Whitlock.

“We’re to the point where a significant portion of the black community can only think of the world — one, in terms of race, two, in terms of slavery,” he adds, calling it “deeply, deeply disturbing.”

Not only is the obsession with race a net negative for the black community, but Whitlock points out that they’re worshipping someone who doesn’t live up to their own standards.

“Acting like Kamala Harris is Harriet Tubman and, or hell, even Oprah Winfrey — she’s Indian and something else, and she’s married to a white man,” Whitlock says.

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