HILARIOUS: The ‘Mighty Marginalized Empowered Rangers’ face off against Octo-Privilege to save Equality Grove

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Imagine a city where everyone is equally represented, transgenderism is celebrated by all, feminism has conquered the patriarchy, every fetish and compulsion is affirmed, guns are nonexistent, and everyone (except straight white men) are welcome.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, because Dave Landau has already done that for us.

Welcome to Equality Grove – the first 100% inclusive, nonviolent city where white privilege is a thing of the past.

But what happens when an evil alien from outer space attacks the people of Equality Grove?

Simple – You call on the Might Marginalized Empowered Rangers, a fearsome team of allies who channel the powers of inclusivity, equity, feminism, and body positivity to defeat the forces of evil.

How will the Empowered Rangers and their marginalized trans acceptance robot fare against the nefarious Octo-Privilege? See for yourself below.

Why Power Rangers Got Canceled on Netflixyoutu.be

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