Joy Reid determined to vote for Biden even if he’s ‘in a coma’

MSNBC host Joy Reid posted a video to her TikTok page on Thursday to declare she will vote for President Joe Biden no matter what, even if he’s in a coma.

Reid said the main goal of the upcoming election is to keep “Hitler,” aka former President Donald Trump, out of office. She said the Democrats need to get it together and just tell her who she needs to vote for. Biden has said repeatedly that he is staying in the race because he is the best choice to beat Trump despite his awful performance during last week’s debate.

‘But when given the choice between the young and fresh and Joe Biden, y’all picked Joe Biden.’

“Just let me know when you guys are finished figuring it out, Democrats. Then let me know who I got to vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House. … If it’s Biden in a coma, I’m going to vote for Biden in a coma,” Reid said. “I don’t even really, in particular, like the guy. A lot of his policies? Don’t like them. He’s not Donald Trump, right?”

“Yeah, Hitler, White House, we’re keeping him out. We’re keeping Project 2025 out — that’s all I care about. Up and down the ballot, from the rooter to the tooter, school board all the way up to the White House and everything in between. Governors, members of Congress, I’m just going to vote all the way down to keep these people out.”

Reid went on to criticize Democrats for voting for Biden during the 2020 primary despite the presence of much younger candidates during that election season.

“You had all of these choices that were all younger than Biden, fresher and newer than Biden. And you know who y’all picked to be the president and the nominee? Joe Biden,” Reid laughed. “But when given the choice between the young and fresh and Joe Biden, y’all picked Joe Biden. … Democrats actually picked him in the first place. So just keep that in mind,” she continued.

Reid further warned that the Democratic Party cannot have someone else who is not Vice President Kamala Harris replace Biden should he step down, because the primaries to elect that ticket have already taken place.

Reid’s video is the latest struggle session for liberals and progressives, as they feel they don’t have a lot of good options for an election that was already close to begin with. Polling after the debate shows Trump in the lead in swing states and states that were not considered to be in play, showing how little confidence voters have in Biden.

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