Kamala Harris humiliated by X’s community notes’ fact check; then Elon adds the cherry on top

Democrats have no qualms when it comes to spreading lies, even when those lies are effortlessly disproven. Take Kamala Harris’ recent tweet as an example:

Now what did Donald Trump actually say?

Kamala Harris Humiliated as Elon Musk Calmly Points Out Community Notes’ Fact Checkyoutu.be

When asked about the issue of abortion during the first presidential debate against Joe Biden on June 27, Trump clearly stated he would not sign a federal ban on abortion and would instead leave it up to the states. If you don’t believe us, go watch the footage.

The X community was quick to fact-check Harris, pointing to numerous news outlets — most of them liberal — that accurately reported Trump’s answer.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough for the VP, Elon Musk then reposted Harris’ tweet with the following comment:

“Do you see why the system has tried to take out Elon?” asks Dave Rubin. “He is able to help us debunk this nonsense in real time.”

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