Orange County DA Says Murderers May Receive Death Penalty

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One California district attorney is determined to ditch the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats in the state and hold brutal murderers accountable.

Orange County (OC) DA Todd Spitzer’s Twitter/X profile says he is “ensuring OC never becomes LA” or San Francisco, and that’s obvious from his new announcement. While San Fran uses taxpayer dollars to buy booze for homeless alcoholics, and a Los Angeles DA sits on a backlog of 15,000 unfiled criminal cases amidst spiking crime, murderers of an elderly grandma in OC could receive the death penalty if convicted. One of the murderers in question has a criminal history in LA County, but unfortunately, too many California DAs in woke areas prioritize criminals over victims and refuse to take decisive action. That allows for egregious repeat offenses.


Spitzer says the three LA County men arrested for a daylight robbery and murder of a grandma in Newport Beach will all face charges of “special circumstances” murder, Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin posted. That means the criminals will be eligible for the death penalty if they are indeed convicted. One killer is a “third-striker” with a “lengthy” LA County criminal history, as noted above.

“This is Orange County and we refuse to accept this is the new normal,” Spitzer’s statement emphasized. “Criminals will be held accountable and violence will never be acceptable.” From Melugin:

According to Spitzer, at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island shopping center, the three men robbed the 68-year-old woman from New Zealand, then ran her over with their getaway car, dragging her nearly 65 feet under their vehicle before leading police on a pursuit into LA County. 

Her husband tried to intervene after he was thrown to the ground and had a gun pointed at him after they tried to steal his watch. 

The Orange County DA extended his sympathies to Patricia McKay’s family “and to the entire country of New Zealand” due to her “senseless death in the commission of a crime that should have never happened. Lawlessness and violence will not be tolerated in our society,” he added.


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Spitzer highlighted how Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom and his fellow Democrats have created a crime-friendly environment in the state, putting peaceful citizens in jeopardy. “Our shopping centers and malls have become hunting grounds for criminals who are stalking innocent shoppers to rob them blind because our Governor and our Legislature refuse to hold anyone accountable for their actions.”

The DA drove home his point. “Actions have consequences and it shouldn’t have to result in the death of an elderly woman just enjoying a day of shopping with her husband for our elected leaders in Sacramento to realize that this is the product of their soft-on-crime policies which encourage criminality while sacrificing public safety.” Sadly, Democrats don’t care how many citizens suffer due to Dems’ ideological aims.


At least Spitzer appears to take his job seriously. “This is Orange County and we refuse to accept this is the new normal. Criminals will be held accountable and violence will never be acceptable,” the DA ended emphatically.

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