Pollster Nate Silver joins growing choir of Democratic voices urging Biden to bow out of the presidential race

Polling expert Nate Silver has joined the choir of growing Democratic voices who are calling for President Joe Biden to step down. It comes after Biden’s poor showing during an ABC News interview Friday night, per Fox News Digital.

The president sat down with George Stephanopoulos for a 22-minute interview that was intended to calm the nerves of those uneasy about Biden running for reelection. However, Silver claimed that the interview did more harm than good.

‘I wimped out in today’s column and deleted a line saying he should formulate a plan to transition the presidency to Harris within 30-60 days, but I’m there now.’

The pollster said “[t]his is a pretty incoherent answer including a non-sequitur [complaining] about a New York Times poll, which he incorrectly claims had him down 10 points before the debate (it was actually 3 or 4 points, depending on which version you look at).” The president’s apparent rant was about how he felt about the debate against former President Donald Trump.

Blaze News reported that the New York Times editorial board published a statement last month that suggested Biden should bow out of the presidential race. The newspaper’s plea came after Biden’s lackluster debate performance against Trump in late June.

The call for the president to back out of the presidential race was echoed by other well-known Democratic voices, such as comedian Bill Maher. Maher said Biden did not even show up to his own debate, adding that “Trump told lie after lie. He never would have gotten away with that if Joe Biden was there. You know Joe, he famously loves trains but apparently not of thought.”

The report mentioned that Silver had written a morning column about Biden’s campaign, but he said he “wimped out” and deleted a line that urged the president to begin transitioning the presidency to Vice President Kamala Harris. However, following the ABC interview, Silver reiterated that it was time for Democrats to find another candidate to run against Trump.

“I wimped out in today’s column and deleted a line saying he should formulate a plan to transition the presidency to Harris within 30-60 days, but I’m there now,” Silver noted. “Something is clearly wrong here.”

“The most generous way to put it is that he doesn’t seem in command, and that’s an extremely hard sell when you’re Commander in Chief.” Despite those close to Biden urging him to move forward with the campaign, Silver reportedly believes that it is only a matter of time before Democrats, as a whole, put “incredible amounts of pressure” on the president to step down.

Despite the subpar interview with ABC, Biden claimed that the reason for such a poor showing was that he was both ill and exhausted.

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