The Media’s Red Faces and Lost Credibility in the Biden Collapse

There’s an awful lot of red media faces out there this week. And the reason why is obvious.

As President Joe Biden proceeded along his path to the White House and then through the four years of his term, the mainstream media couldn’t praise him enough for saving democracy from former President Trump.

As NewsBusters editor Tim Graham has pointed out, when presented with a genuine, real-live liberal Democrat to challenge Biden – that would be Minnesota’s Democrat Congressman Phillips – the media simply closed their eyes to the Phillips message. That message, as Tim points out, was about “challenging Biden’s mental decline.”

And the media looked the other way.

The resulting problem for the mainstream media now is stark and simple. If they couldn’t tell the obvious truth about Biden’s mental condition — why should they be trusted when trying to sell anything else?

The political world is filled with serious problems. Unemployment, job creation, inflation, how to handle Putin and Russia, Xi Jing Ping and China, the Iranian Mullahs, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the state of NATO and more.

Given that to be the case, one would think the media would be exercising a thorough review of its own offerings instead of peddling, day after day, fantasies about Biden opponent Donald Trump – while ignoring, day after day, the realities about Joe Biden’s actual mental condition.

Instead the media dished stories like these:  

The Atlantic: 

Why Trump Won’t Win

His threats to democracy make him dangerous. They also make him a weak candidate.  

In which Hussein Ibish said: 

“Yes, Joe Biden is an imperfect opponent. And yes, much could change over the next 11 months, potentially in Trump’s favor. But if Biden’s health holds, he is very likely to be reelected next year.” 

Got that? Not only is there no reference to Biden’s mental health problems, the reference is exactly the opposite: “But if Biden’s health holds…..”. In other words, in The Atlantic, there was no problem with Biden’s health other than it remaining the same. And there was no question that everything was just hunky dory with ole Joe’s cognitive condition. Until now. Ibish wants him gone. 

Then there wasCNN: 

Opinion: Trump is wrong. This is the real terror threat in America

In which CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen predictably says terrorists crossing the border is not the real threat – Trump his January 6 gang are the real threat. The riot was the “most unsettling act of domestic terrorism in decades.” So, “When it comes to acts of terrorism, it might behoove Trump to take a careful look in the mirror instead of misdirecting attention to the southern border.”

There was zero mention of Biden’s cognitive problems.

Then there was this over at the amusingly titled Scientific American:

The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists

Read the bold print: 

“Yet the (January 6th) rioters’ actions—and Trump’s own role in, and response to, them—come as little surprise to many, particularly those who have been studying the president’s mental fitness and the psychology of his most ardent followers since he took office.

One such person is Bandy X. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist and president of the World Mental Health Coalition.* Lee led a group of psychiatrists, psychologists and other specialists who questioned Trump’s mental fitness for office in a book that she edited called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

And as to Joe Biden’s “mental fitness for office”? Not a peep from these “scientists.”

One could go on. And on and on with media stories like these. But the plain and simple fact is that Joe Biden’s cognitive problems were just flatly ignored by the media as he was elected and his presidency unrolled. Not until just the other day, when his debate performance so blatantly revealed to the nation a president who did in fact have serious cognitive problems – did the media red flag go up.

Among those raising that flag was The New York Times, which editorialized that Democrats had to “deal truthfully with the American public: acknowledge that Mr. Biden can’t continue his race, and create a process to select someone more capable to stand in his place to defeat Mr. Trump in November.”

Catch that line? Democrats have to “deal truthfully with the American public..”.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if the media had dealt truthfully from the get go about the state of Joe Biden’s cognitive problems – than Democrats, not to mention the country and the world – would not be in this situation to begin with.

But the media chose, at best, to ignore what so many in Biden’s White House circle knew was the hard truth about Biden and his mental health. Now the media’s own credibility is seriously – and justifiably – at issue. On anything and everything. And the fact that they have so seriously damaged that credibility by ignoring the hard facts in a major story?  

There is a Biden collapse….and a further collapse of the media who could only repeat what they were told by their minders.

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