White House Gave Radio Host Questions She Was Allowed to Ask Biden — and He Still Gaffed It Up

In the wake of Old Joe Biden’s disastrous debate with Bad Orange Man, the Biden regime and the establishment media are doing everything they can to present the supposed president as coherent, confident and capable. Unfortunately for Biden’s handlers, however, their sharp and fully in command candidate is refusing to cooperate. Instead, the senescent corruptocrat doggedly continues to give the world fresh indications of his abject inability to perform the duties of the office he holds.


There was Biden’s disastrous ABC interview with establishment propagandist George Stephanopoulos, but there was much more as well. In his latest madcap misadventure, Dotty Old Joe was supposed to conduct a sham interview with a Philadelphia radio host, in which she served up questions that were not only prearranged and agreed to by both parties but were supplied to the interviewer by the Biden White House. Biden was likely fed the answers as well, but he still managed to botch the whole thing.

The New York Post reported Saturday that  Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the host of “The Source” on WURD, spilled the beans on the whole scam, revealing that she “got a list of eight questions directly from the White House in advance for the interview Wednesday with the embattled Biden.” The questions, and their answers, were designed “to help convince panicked supporters, especially blacks, that the president’s disastrous debate performance were an anomaly.”

Lawful-Sanders was happy to play along, saying: “The questions were sent to me for approval; I approved of them.” But Old Joe Biden showed up in full dementia-ridden bull-in-a-china-shop mode, rambling about how he was proud to be “the first black woman to serve with a black president.” It’s easy to see the source of this particular addled claim: Biden did feed at the public trough both as vice president with a black president and as president with an allegedly black woman as vice president, but in the fog of Joe’s mind now, he can’t quite express that clearly.


Biden also boasted: “I’m the first president that got elected statewide in the state of Delaware, when I was a kid.” That one is tougher to parse, and really, it doesn’t matter what Old Joe was trying to say. What matters is that the Biden regime was once again trying to gaslight the American people into thinking Biden was capable of doing his job and worthy of being elected in November, and once again reality foiled their plans.

Even that wasn’t all. Biden also sat for an interview on WMCS’ Earl Ingram Show in Milwaukee, and got asked one of those tough, challenging questions that leftist “journalists” are always asking him: this one concerned “why voting matters.” President All His Wits About Him answered: “That’s where we always — we gave Donald Trump executive — a power to, to use a system — and it’s just never contemplated by our founders because of the people he appointed to the court.”

Right, Joe! Who could argue with that? The White House also apparently gave Ingram the questions he was supposed to ask Old Joe. Both Ingram and Lawful-Sanders appeared on CNN’s “First of All,” where host Victor Blackwell “asked Lawful-Sanders about her four questions because he noticed that they were very similar to the four Ingram asked in his interview with Biden the same day.”

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Blackwell explained to Ingram and Lawful-Sanders that “the reason I ask is not a criticism of either of you. It’s just that if the White House is trying now to prove the vim, vigor, acuity of the president, I don’t know how they do that by sending questions first, before the interviews, so that the president knows what’s coming.”


The White House was likely counting on the radio hosts in question not revealing the game that was being played, but once the beans had been spilled, Biden regime wonk Lauren Hitt “claimed it’s common to send interviewers suggested talking points,” and added: “Hosts are always free to ask the questions they think will best inform their listeners.” Sure, if they want to be responsible for their guy getting even more incoherent than usual.

The regime faces an impossible task. The whole world has witnessed Biden’s cognitive decline, and even regime loyalists who have stoutly defended him for over three years are now jumping ship. Old Joe remains defiant about staying in office, but every day, more people are realizing that this emperor has had no clothes for a long, long time.

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