“You Saw It Today!” – Joe Biden Brags About His “Large Crowds” in Middle School Gyms – Then Makes Strange Remarks About Trump’s MAGA Crowds (VIDEO)

100,000 supporters come out to see Donald Trump in blue state New Jersey vs. 120 supporters come out to see Joe Biden in a middle school gym in deep blue Madison, Wisconsin.

On Friday, Joe Biden flew to Wisconsin to hold another small rally in the Sherman Middle School gymnasium.

The crowd was neither large or enthusiastic.

Reporters made up at least 20% of the crowd.

The enthusiasm for Old Joe peaked sometime back in his sixties.

After the small rally, Joe Biden sat with George Stephanopoulos for an interview that aired on Friday night.

Stephanopoulos was much kinder and gentler with Old Joe than he ever was with President Donald Trump.

During the interview Joe Biden strangely bragged about the size of the crowds who were coming out to see him.

George Stephanopoulos: What’s your plan to turn your campaign around?

Joe Biden: You saw it today. How many people do you think can draw crowds like I do? You find anymore enthusiastic than today? huh?

Stephanopoulos was stunned and rightly pointed out President Trump’s mega MAGA rallies of tens of thousands of supporters.

George Stephanopoulos: I don’ think you want to play the crowd game. Donald Trump can draw big crowds, there’s no question about that.

That’s when Joe Biden stopped making sense. Can anyone decipher what he was talking about here?

Joe Biden: He can draw a big crowd but what does he say? Who does he have? I’m the guy supposedly in trouble.

Whatever, Joe.

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