Bill Gates launches “maggot milk” to replace dairy products

Now that he has already gotten the ball rolling on eliminating and replacing all meat products for the slave classes, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is now going after milk and dairy.

Gates announced a new food-like liquid product called “EntoMilk” that he says can replace milk from animals. EntoMilk, by the way, is made from crushed up maggots.

This “dairy alternative” is made from either maggots or “black soldier fly larvae.” Once blended and processed, the result is a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy.”

“It’s got a very creamy mouthfeel,” said someone in the promotional video for EntoMilk below.

According to Gates, EntoMilk is necessary because traditional dairy milk comes from farms that he claims are destroying the planet.

“The world needs alternatives to survive,” the below promo further claims. “Insects are vital for the future of food because they require very little land and they don’t damage the environment like livestock. They don’t produce greenhouse gases.” Apparently he forgot about the biblical plagues of insects that did cause quite a problem.

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Continuing to have children is cruel

This is the future of humanity, at least its poorest segments. Once Gates gets done with changing the entire food supply into his image, for the benefit of his pocketbook, the world’s slave classes, which includes everything below the top 0.1 percent, will be eating and drinking bugs all day long.

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Despite EntoMilk’s claims, maggot and fly milk do not “act” just like real dairy because unlike real dairy they lack the nutritional components that humans need to survive.

“This is going to be a tough sell to most of the human population, but they have successfully brainwashed many into believing it’s the only way to save the planet,” reports about people who believe globalist fairy tales like global warming and boiling oceans.

“Is Bill Gates planning to drink this bug juice? Not likely. Only the slave class will be forced to forgo meat and dairy while the rulers eat whatever they want.”

EntoMilk’s announcement comes just as the World Economic Forum (WEF) is going gung-ho for all things bugs, including the various insect-based “foods” its globalist leaders are trying to get stocked on grocery shelves.

To continue having children in a world like this, knowing that the future generations will have to live in a hell like this, is simply cruel. Which is a mindset that also furthers the globalist agenda.

“Only if royalty drinks this can the masses be expected to drink this,” one commenter on YouTube wrote about the above promotional video for EntoMilk. “The queen of England drank fresh, raw milk from the finest cows fed the finest grass, even as raw milk remains banned for most of the rest of us.”

“This is absolutely revolting,” wrote another. “I will never eat the bugs.”

Since frogs and reptiles rely on black soldier fly larvae for sustenance, what will happen to them once Gates redirects all the flies into his giant blenders for transformation into “maggot milk?”

“First we had Soylent Green; now we have Soylent Bug Milk,” wrote another.

“Does this new trendy poison also include incredible amounts of phytoestrogens that we totally do not need to worry about?” joked another about a very unfunny reality: the reality that most of the modern food supply has been poisoned with estrogenic substances that are destroying humanity.

“Stop with this absurdity,” wrote another. “Livestock does not damage the environment.”

The world would be a much better place without Bill Gates and others like him in it. Find out more at

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