‘My children have nightmares’: NYC man runs through apartment nude and bashes residents’ doors with hammers

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A man in Queens is reportedly making life miserable for those living in his Astoria building, according to the New York Post. He reportedly runs nude down the hallway, screams through a megaphone, and smashes the walls with a hammer. It appears that residents who have complained about the situation are powerless to do anything about it.

Not only has Alexandre Lais’ behavior given kids nightmares who live in the building, but it has also motivated at least three tenants to break their leases and move out of the building, according to court documents. His behavior became so disturbing that a SWAT team showed up at his door in January.

‘[Lais] goes around, kicking everyone’s doors, and he throws stuff out of his windows onto the street.’

One anonymous resident told the Post that “[w]e’re all terrified,” adding that “[m]y children, they have nightmares about this guy.” She went on to say that her children sleep “under their beds” because they are afraid of what might happen.

Despite Lais’ disturbing behavior, the building has not been successful in evicting him in court. The building’s owner, Broadway Crescent Realty, said they have been trying to evict Lais since June 2023, when it finally decided to file for eviction in Queens Housing Court, according to the report.

A judge moved to dismiss the case. But that did not stop the building owner from resurrecting the case in December 2023.

Another neighbor said Lais “goes around, kicking everyone’s doors, and he throws stuff out of his windows onto the street.” The resident continued by saying Lais once said that he threatened to “burn the whole building down.”

The report noted that he often walks down the hallways naked, masturbates in the common area of the building, and even threatens people with hammers and planks of wood. It is unclear if Lais may suffer from mental illness.

Lais is reportedly a senior software engineer for a Manhattan-based management consulting firm, according to his LinkedIn page.

Despite the disturbing reality for some of the residents in the building, it is not the first time the building has made the news. The New York Post reported in March that the Astoria apartment was the scene of an attempted kidnapping.

A mother moved into action after a stalker attempted to kidnap her teenage daughter from their apartment building.

Footage of the horrific event was captured on a doorbell camera when Adriana Alvarez sprung into action after a man who was obsessed with her 18-year-old daughter tried to kidnap her.

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