10% of illegal aliens admit they’re registered to vote: Heritage Foundation survey

A survey conducted by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project found that 10% of illegal aliens and non-citizens stated that they are registered to vote in the upcoming election.

In a video posted to X on July 4, Mike Howell, the Oversight Project’s executive director, stated, “My fellow Americans, today we are calling on all of you to declare independence from foreigners deciding our elections. The evidence you are about to see relates to illegal aliens being registered to vote. This is a problem national in scale. The United States of America is for Americans, and our elections only should be decided by them.”

‘If this proportion holds true nationwide, the integrity of the 2024 election is in jeopardy.’

Muckraker.com reported that it interviewed dozens of individuals residing at a Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment complex primarily occupied by illegal aliens. A hidden camera captured several interviews with residents who claimed to be non-citizens who had also registered to vote.

“We come with a group, an organization that is trying to help register Hispanic people to vote. Because in a few months we will be voting for governor or president,” the interviewees were told.

Anthony Rubin, the founder of Muckraker, explained, “We visited the apartment complex to ask residents two questions: Are you registered to vote; and are you a citizen?”

“Shockingly, four of the 41 people we asked confirmed that they were a non-citizen and registered to vote,” Rubin continued. “If this proportion holds true nationwide, the integrity of the 2024 election is in jeopardy.”

During an interview on Real America’s Voice’s “The War Room,” Howell stated, “The borders have been wide open. We’ve been told by the left and the mainstream media that poses no threat to the integrity of our election systems. We’ve been told that it’s a conspiracy theory.”

“And so, what we did,” Howell continued, “is simply went out and asked in an apartment complex in North Carolina. And discovered that illegal aliens, or non-citizens — wherever they are in the process — admitted to being registered to vote at a proportion that is four out of 40, which is 10%. If that pattern holds, with the 10 million plus that have come across the border, you do the math for an election last go-around that came down to 40,000 votes in a few key swing states. The plan from this Biden administration is to refuse a peaceful transition of power by relying on illegal aliens to vote for them, and that’s clear as day.”

Howell noted that a report containing the survey’s findings was sent to the state’s governor and attorney general.

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