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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kraansbach struggled to live down his extended “Shredded Wheat nachos” health kick in the darker part of the ’90s. 


On a grander scale than ever before, we’re witnessing the fact that the Democrats can never keep their internal messes internal. They’re the diarrhetic Irish Wolfhound of politics, getting the smelly problem everywhere. Again, it has been super fun watching them fall apart for the last week and a half, but that doesn’t exactly balance the scales for what they’ve inflicted upon the country to get to this point. 

Full disclosure: I didn’t see the interview with Stephanopoulos. This script doesn’t have a lot of twists in it — I don’t need to watch every episode. The reactions by his fellow Dems to everything that Joe Biden does now are what’s most entertaining anyway, like this post that Matt wrote about the looks on the ABC panel’s faces when the camera cut to them as soon as the interview was over. 

As the Mastercard commercials are fond of saying: priceless. 

The big-money players in American politics often prefer to stay in the background, only coming out for private fundraising soirees. They’ve been weighing in from all corners during the meltdown, however. This is from something else that Matt wrote over the weekend: 

In 2020, many speculated that Joe Biden was merely a Trojan Horse candidate, chosen for his “electability” to secure a Democratic victory and then, after a period of time, step aside for his running mate to take over. Few really expected that he would last a full term, let alone seek a second. Heck, after his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, it seemed more likely than ever. But that’s not what happened, and you can bet that many Democrats were disappointed when, in April of last year, he put all speculation to rest and announced he was seeking a second term.

While this made for interesting speculation from the right, the left has generally given the impression that they were all in for Joe Biden. Yet, according to Don Peebles, a big Obama donor, the speculation was right. He told  Fox News’ Will Cain that the Democrat donor class expected Biden to only be a one-term president.

“The expectation for most of the Democratic fundraising community was the president Biden was going to do one term and move on,” he said. “And, and Harris was going to learn to be president. And, and that is why he got support from a broad spectrum of Democratic fundraisers and Democratic leaders.”


Because everything seems longer in Biden time, the beginning of 2021 feels like it was a couple of decades ago. I don’t remember exactly how long I thought that Biden would remain in office, but I’m pretty certain I thought he’d at least wait two years so that Kamala Harris would have a shot at a 10-year run. There were, however, a lot of conservatives who were convinced that he would step aside some time during the first year. 

For most of my forty years of political activism, the Democrats were the party that was good at playing the long game. Anyone who has ever voted Republican in more than one election knows that the GOP can barely pay attention to the election in front of them, let alone four or five cycles in the future. 

I grudgingly but frequently gave the Dems respect for how well they could plot the future. 

The people in charge of the Democratic National Committee seem to have been among the many on the Left who were thoroughly broken by Donald Trump’s election in 2016. The DNC went into full panic mode in order to get him out of office, and really didn’t think much past the 2020 election. 

The scenario that Peebles described always did make the most since. The pre-2016 DNC was a well-oiled machine that would have made sure it played out that way. 

As I wrote many times in the first year that Biden was in office, it was difficult to tell from the Democrats’ behavior that they had achieved their ONE BIG GOAL in the 2020 election. Trump took up immediate rent-free residence in their heads, and they were miserable. 


The once precise Democratic National Committee has been caught up in the Trump Derangement Syndrome fugue state along with the rank and file Dems, and that’s how we got here. I was stunned when Biden announced that he would seek reelection. The DNC of old would have headed that off long before it got to the pass. Once he was in, it was always going to be difficult to get him out. 

The DNC no doubt regrets giving Jill Biden all of this time to dig in her heels whilst dreaming of another term in the White House. They’ve been purely reactive, nothing at all like the proactive, forward-thinking DNC of old. 

Look, I’m not saying that better planning on the part of the DNC might have given us a less-awful Dem. There is no better-case scenario when talking about modern Democrats. 

I’m just saying that the TDS is bad at the top, and I hope that doesn’t lead to more disaster. 

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