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Biden’s performance in the first presidential debate against Donald Trump was abysmal — and that’s a bipartisan statement. Democrats across the board are finally acknowledging the president’s cognitive decline and his inability to serve another term while Republicans are saying something to the effect of “we told you so.”

Biden and his administration are the only ones who seem to be digging their heels in on the matter. In his high-stakes interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, which was orchestrated to quell the panic regarding Biden’s mental state, the president attempted to convince fellow Democrats and the nation at-large of his psychological fortitude.

Was he successful?

host Stu Burguiere answers that question in the following analysis:

Biden’s Interview with Stephanopoulos: Stu Reacts

According to Stu, the interview will certainly “go down in history at some level as potentially one of the most consequential interviews you’ll ever see in your entire life” because “if [Biden] completely butchers this interview, his campaign is probably over and we have a new presidential candidate; if he hits a homerun, he might be able to save his candidacy.”

“What Biden had to do here is not be the Biden from the debate, and I think he cleared that bar,” as long as you apply the “Biden curve,” he says. “He wasn’t amazing. I don’t think he showed tons and tons of energy, but he didn’t have any catastrophes.”

But was it enough to secure his candidacy?

To hear Stu’s thoughts on the future of Biden’s campaign, watch the video above.

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