Glenn Beck: Here’s why Tractor Supply said goodbye to woke DEI

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Tractor Supply Co. is a farming supplies retailer headquartered in Tennessee, and it’s just gone where no large modern company has gone before.

The company is dropping the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals that it had previously set for itself. In addition, DEI roles will be eliminated, carbon emissions goals will be withdrawn, and the company will stop sending data to the Human Rights Campaign.

Tractor Supply made the move after information began circulating that the company was deeply involved in DEI and ESG initiatives, and its stock price took a nosedive.

“We work hard living up to our mission and our values every day, and represent the values of the communities and customers we serve,” the company wrote in a statement. “We’ve heard from our customers that we have disappointed them. We have taken this feedback to heart.”

The backlash began when conservative Robby Starbuck highlighted the company’s actions on X, which included DEI hiring practices, in-office Pride Month decorations, climate change activism, and “funding sex changes.”

“He decimated them,” Glenn Beck says. “Just took them apart with everything that they have.”

Stu Burguiere
is impressed by the company’s response.

“It’s very rare,” Burguiere tells Glenn. “Even Bud Light, who seemingly overtly changed directions, right? Like you could tell by their actions. They never came out and said, ‘And just so you know, we’re totally off the bandwagon.’ They just kind of did it and hoped you noticed.”

Glenn, however, remains skeptical.

“I’d like to see if this is just, you know, another customer service kind of thing and a campaign ad,” he says.

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