It Turns Out the Parkinson’s Expert Visited the White House Eight Times in Eight Months

A doctor from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center who specializes in Parkinson’s disease visited the White House eight times in eight months, starting last summer and continuing into the spring of 2024, according to the White House visitor log.


PJ Media’s Matt Margolis wrote on Saturday that the specialist, Dr. Kevin Cannard visited the White House once, but new evidence reveals he was there eight more times.

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FACT-O-RAMA! The White House visitor logs are not immediately updated and released to the public, so the specialist may have visited more times since March 2024 and we haven’t heard about those visits yet.

At least one of those visits involved a meeting with Joe Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

The visitation logs revealed that Parkinson’s disease guru Dr. Kevin Cannard visited the White House for the first time in November 2022. He began fairly regular visits in July 2023 and continued visiting until at least March 2024. Visitor logs from April 1 and beyond have yet to be released.

Most of the meetings were between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m.

Dr. Cannard’s profile on the physician profile site, Doximity, tells us the following about his expertise:

Dr. Cannard is a Neurologist and Movement Disorders specialist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He trained at Walter Reed in Neurology. After six years of general neurology experience, he completed a Movement Disorders fellowship at Emory under deep brain stimulation (DBS) pioneer Dr. Mahlon DeLong. He later completed a fellowship and is board certified in Clinical Pharmacology that included training at the FDA’s CDER Neurology Division and at NIH. He currently serves as Associate Professor of Neurology (F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, USU) and core residency faculty at Walter Reed where he is active in teaching at all levels.


This news flies in the face of the White House assuring us that videos of Sleepy Joe gawking and stumbling on words were the work of “cheap fakes” created by right-wing wackos.

O’Connor has assured the nation that Biden is healthy. But then we found out that the good doctor may have had his fingers in one of the Biden crime family’s darker “business deals.”

The Oversight Committee, looking into potentially impeaching Biden, revealed that Dr. O’Connor was involved in the Biden family’s scheme to defraud a healthcare company called Americore. Jim Biden took a $600,000 “loan” to help the struggling firm hoover mad stacks from a Middle Eastern investor. Joe Biden allegedly snagged $200,000 of that cheddar for himself. The investment money never came through, and Jim Biden later paid back a portion of the supposed loan.

Jim Biden confirmed that Dr. O’Connor helped him with the deal.

Oversight Committee big-wig Rep. James Comer, (R-Ky.) has asked O’Connor to appear for a transcribed interview before Congress.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include muscle stiffening, wild mood changes, trouble speaking, and skin conditions. Biden had a cancerous skin lesion removed in February 2023, though it is unknown if it was related to Parkinson’s disease.

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The news of Dr. Cannard’s visits comes as dozens of Democrats are calling for Biden to step down from the November presidential election where Trump is gaining in the polls every week.

If Biden chooses to step down or Democrats force him out, Hunter and Jim Biden will face the legal music themselves, with no chance of Joe Biden pardoning them after possibly being convicted, and Comer assures us that the committee has a mountain of evidence proving that the Biden family made millions of dollars selling influence through then Vice-president Joe Biden.


After the news of Dr. Cannard’s numerous visits, the White House reported that Joe Biden will hold a “big boy” press conference later this week.

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