Ocasio-Cortez says she supports Biden and he will not leave the race: ‘The matter is settled’

Socialist Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York backed President Joe Biden amidst a bitter debate dividing the party over his devastating debate performance.

Ocasio-Cortez made the statement on Monday afternoon as reporters rushed to get Democrats on record about whether Biden should step down from the presidential campaign.

‘I’m here to win on this Democracy.’

“I have spoken with the president over the weekend. I have spoken with him extensively, he made clear then, and he has made clear since, that he’s in this race. The matter is closed. He had reiterated that this morning. He has reiterated that to the public,” she said.

“Joe Biden is our nominee. He is not leaving this race,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “He is in this race and I support him.”

She went on to attack Biden’s Republican competitor, former President Donald Trump.

“Now what I think is critically important right now is that we focus on what it takes to win in November because he is running against Donald Trump,” she added, “who is a man with 34 felony convictions, that has committed 34 felony crimes, and not a single Republican has asked for Donald Trump to not be the nominee.”

She added, “I’m here to win on this Democracy.”

A reporter pressed Ocasio-Cortez about other Democrats who have demanded to see more from Biden, and she offered a vague comment.

“Well, that is all up to their own individual determination, I respect everyone’s opinion,” she responded. “But I’m here to make sure that we win in November, and that’s my focus.”

Some Democrats have called for Biden to step down from the campaign after he showed signs of cognitive and mental decline during the debate. Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia had organized a meeting of Democratic senators to discuss the possibility of asking Biden to step down, but he reportedly cancelled the meeting after it was leaked to the press.

‘I don’t care if he can’t put a sentence together.’

Polls released after the devastating debate show more Americans support Trump, and many believe that Biden is not healthy enough to competently serve as president for another four years.

Others have come to Biden’s defense, like comedian actress Whoopi Goldberg.

“I don’t care if he’s pooped his pants. I don’t care if he can’t put a sentence together. Show me he can’t do the job, and then I’ll say, ‘Ok. Maybe it’s time to go,'” she said. “I have poopy days all the time, all the time. I step in so much poo you can’t even imagine.”

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