Pfizer is acquiring drug companies to profit from chronic diseases caused by their own COVID-19 “vaccines”

Pfizer is acquiring drug companies to profit from chronic diseases caused by their own COVID-19 “vaccines”

If you want to know the long-term side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, pay close attention to Pfizer’s latest acquisitions. Since the rollout of their COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer has acquired specific pharmaceutical companies that treat immune-inflammatory diseases, heart inflammation and various cancers. As their experimental use vaccine was being mandated on the population (including on the military) Pfizer was investing in drugs that target health conditions that were created and/or exacerbated by their experimental vaccines.

Pfizer acquired a drug company that treats immune-inflammatory diseases, including myocarditis

For instance, in 2021, Pfizer acquired Arena Pharmaceuticals. The price tag of the acquisition was disproportionate to the market size of the drug they acquired, but the shrewd Pfizer executive team knew the acquisition would be worth it in the end. By acquiring Arena Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer was able to control the future of therapeutics for various immune-inflammatory diseases, including drugs that address heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis). These health problems skyrocketed after 2021, when Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines were unlawfully mandated on populations and haphazardly placed on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule. Today, Pfizer is profiting from health issues that they caused, keeping people in a state of illness and pharmaceutical dependence.

Pfizer acquires drug company that treats various cancers, capitalizing on the turbo cancer epidemic

By 2023, Pfizer spent $43 billion of their vaccine profits to acquire Seagen Pharmaceuticals, a little-known drug company that specializes in cancer treatments. Now, Pfizer is profiting from the surge in turbo cancers that are affecting vaccinated people of all age groups. Turbo cancer is a new phenomenon where oncologists describe a new wave of aggressive cancers that that kill people in weeks or days, as opposed to months or years. There’s no doubt that something is causing immunodeficiency. The very thing that populations were told to take to protect those with immunodeficiency has created an entire new class of people with immunodeficiency and turbo cancers. Meanwhile, their destructive biological weapons remain on the market, ensuring that these health issues continue to be profitable ventures for years to come.

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Pfizer acquires drug company that treats blood flow blockages

In 2022, Pfizer acquired global Blood Therapeutics, which has market exclusivity on a drug that treats sickle cell disease. Pfizer spent a disproportionate amount to acquire the company, based on projections that more people will present with this blood disease in the future. Sickle cell disease is described as a genetic disorder, so why would Pfizer invest in the drug? In sickle cell disease, red blood cells become crescent shaped due to a genetic mutation. These sickled red blood cells do not move easily, resulting in blood flow blockages. Could it possibly be that the drug is repurposed to treat other blood diseases that are characterized by blocked blood flow? COVID-19 vaccines are notorious for causing blood clots, so there’s potentially more use for this class of drug.

Pfizer’s exploitation of the population appears to be premeditated

Most shocking of all, this COVID-19 vaccine malfeasance appears to be premeditated. Before their vaccine was released to the public, Pfizer possessed evidence that their vaccine was already causing serious health issues in people who volunteered for the rushed clinical trials. In fact, the evidence showed that the vaccine caused inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, along with heart inflammation and antibody dependent enhancement that caused immune system failure. These Pfizer documents were concealed until a lawsuit forced Pfizer to produce the damning evidence of the vaccine’s harms.

But by then it was too late. A large portion of the population had already been lied to and coerced to take the injections, and the damage was widespread. Today, Pfizer is busying acquiring drug companies that treat the chronic conditions they helped cause, while they continue to exploit people with more booster shots and further blood damage.

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