Trans agenda OBLITERATED when man exposes LGBTQ hypocrisy at NYC Pride

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Lionel McGloin might just be a genius.

McGloin is known for his “man on the street” style interviews that expertly point out the hypocrisy of the interviewees — and his latest string of interviews at the New York City Pride Festival might just be his best yet.

In one clip, McGloin interviews a young woman clad in a little rainbow Pride-themed dress.

“All these beautiful trans women out here, tell us about your transition, how it went,” he says in a classic deadpan demeanor.

“Can I hold this please,” the woman says, frustrated and reaching for the mic. “I have a question for you. Why are you asking me those questions?”

“We’re interviewing like trans women and stuff like that,” he answers.

“I’m not a trans woman,” she responds angrily.

“We’re fully supportive, fully supportive,” he continues, refusing to back down. “We just want to like talk about like the transitions, like the various challenges we’ve had.”

“I’ve never transitioned because I was born a woman,” she says.

As McGloin continues to purposely misunderstand her, she gets increasingly frustrated — to the point that she says exactly what conservatives have been saying all along.

“You thought I was a man?” she asks, offended.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” couldn’t be more impressed with McGloin’s work.

“Oh, so you do think there’s a difference between men and women,” Rubin says, adding, “When someone thinks that you were a trans woman aka man, then it suddenly gets offensive.”

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