How Wisconsin RIGGED the vote in 2020 with plans to do it again this November

An email dated Nov. 4, 2020, has emerged to show that Wisconsin rigged its election results that year to illegally install Joe Biden as “president.”

Ryan Chew from The Elections Group emailed Claire Woodall-Vogg, Milwaukee’s former elections chief – Woodall-Vogg was recently removed from her post and replaced with her former deputy, Paulina Gutierrez, due to “internal” issues within the commission – basically admitting flat-out that Wisconsin’s ballot boxes were stuffed after the polls closed with fake ballots for Biden.

“D***, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am,” Chew wrote in the email, which bore the subject line “Re: drama.” “I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting!”

It turns out that Woodall-Vogg was done counting all legal ballots at 10:30 pm on Nov. 3, 2020. After that, she spent at least an hour and a half, based on Chew’s correspondence – and more like four and a half hours if it really took her until 3:00 am – stuffing the ballot box for Biden.

“She kicked out Republican observers the night before at around 10:30 pm telling them all ballots had been counted,” tweeted Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll), quoting independent journalist and Election Watch president Peter Bernegger (@PeterBernegger).

“Claire was done with the LEGAL ballots at 10:30 pm on Nov. 3rd. She needed the time from then until 3:06 am to stuff the tabulators with fake ballots for Joe Biden.”

(Related: Check out our earlier report from 2020 about how Wisconsin claimed an impossible 88 percent voter turnout that year, which was obvious Democrat ballot fraud.)

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Massive voter fraud in Wisconsin

Bernegger (@PeterBernegger) tweeted photo evidence – see below – of Woodall-Vogg leaving Milwaukee’s Central Count, police squad SUV 554, at 3:06 am the morning of Nov. 4, 2020. Bernegger also shared the name of the guy who brought in the fraudulent ballots at 1:15 am just a few hours prior.

“This is how incredibly stupid State Assembly Rep. @RepRonTusler is, he is pushing a ‘Monday Count’ bill because he (wrongly) believes the City of Milwaukee needs more time to count the ballots,” Bernegger explained. “Nope Tusler – Claire was done with the LEGAL ballots at 10:30 pm on Nov. 3rd.”

“Why don’t you talk to eye witnesses who were there Tusler, instead of making a fool of yourself before the entire state of Wisconsin? @RepKrug Scott Krug is the Chair of the Assembly’s Election Committee who is supposed to oversea [sic] corrupt clerks like Claire. He hasn’t done anything but protect them and Meagan Wolfe.”

Local police who were on site that evening and early morning witnessed such a fiasco with Woodall-Vogg, who “acted it up about the missing USB stick,” according to Bernegger, that they filed a report with the FBI the following day.

David Giglio (@DavidGiglioCA) tweeted last October that Wisconsin is not the only state that did this kind of thing, which many of our readers already know. The other four states that ultimately decided the 2020 election did the same thing by stopping ballot counting all at the same time “with Trump holding commanding leads.”

“When counting resumed each state dumped 100,000s of ballots that broke almost exclusively for Joe Biden,” Giglio wrote. “Only a fool wouldn’t ask questions.”

The latest news about the upcoming election this November and leftist efforts to steal it again for Biden or whoever he gets replaced with (Kamala Harris?) can be found at

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