Project 2025 has liberals (and even some conservatives) UPSET. Here’s what we know so far.

You might have heard the phrase Project 2025, also referred to as the Presidential Transition Project, being thrown around lately – especially by Biden and fellow Democrats who are using the initiative as a way to scare the nation about a second Trump term.

But what exactly is Project 2025, and does it bode well for America’s future?

Sara Gonzales
and Chad Prather discuss the implications – both good and bad – of Project 2025.

“Project 2025” – What is it, and Why are Liberals SO TERRIFIED?

“Project 2025 is initiated by the Heritage Foundation, and it aims to prepare for a future conservative administration by focusing on four pillars,” which are “restore family values, dismantle the administrative state … defend national sovereignty, [and] secure individual rights,” says Sara.

So far, so good.

Some of the key policies within those pillars will target abortion, the executive branch, economic policies, taxes, deregulation, free market principles, health care, energy and environmental policies, education, immigration, and national security and defense, among other categories.

Liberals, of course, are calling Project 25 “far-right extremism,” but Sara thinks the initiative is rooted in “common sense.”

Chad Prather, however, sees some areas in Project 2025 that could be considered genuinely radical.

Overall, he’s optimistic about the initiative, especially considering that it centers around the concept of “[making] the government smaller,” but he does think “it has some radical points.”

When he looked at the finer details of the initiative, he found mentions of “eradicating choice in marriage” and the elimination of “no-fault divorce.”

“It’s a little strong,” he tells Sara.

To hear more about Project 2025 and Trump’s potential involvement in it, watch the clip above.

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