The GOP needs to stay focused on inflation, not cognition

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The media just woke up and noticed the cognitive decline in Joe Biden that’s been apparent to anyone who has seen him since at least 2019. The media’s sudden narrative change sheds light on how dishonest the corporate press has been on a variety of topics, the president’s mental acuity included.

But this new circus is really a sideshow to what is going on in the main ring. Whoever is in charge (as I think it is a reasonable assumption that it is not the guy in steep mental decline) has set forth destructive policies that have wreaked havoc upon middle class Americans’ finances and made the country less safe.

Americans cannot afford another four years of this.

While it’s tempting to shift focus, the GOP must stay on track to win the presidency, Congress, and local seats. Their messaging should remain laser-focused on the following.

The economy. The top issue on Americans’ minds as they head to the polls is the economy. Despite any spin, the massive double-digit, cumulative inflation under Biden has put immense pressure on the working and middle class. Americans, especially those without substantial assets, struggle to keep up with the basic cost of living.

Slowing growth driven by massive deficits, a national debt approaching $35 trillion, and interest payments overtaking defense spending has created an unstable fiscal foundation and a lack of confidence in improvement.

This is the top ballot issue for a reason. It needs to stay front and center, not take a back seat, because it’s not just Biden’s policy — it’s the Democrats’ policy.

National security and the border. The commander in chief’s primary job is ensuring the security of the United States, including our borders. We are now amid the worst border crisis in U.S. history.

Millions of illegal immigrants have effortlessly crossed into the United States under Biden’s tenure. Early in 2024, a report estimated that the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. doubled under the Biden administration. Reported terrorists have been caught entering the country, and illegal border crossers have been tied to high-profile crimes, including rape and murder.

In cities across the country, illegal immigrants receive housing and other benefits, funded by Americans’ tax dollars. It needs to stop. The man in the Oval Office currently is incapable of stopping it.

America’s standing in the world. The weakness of this administration goes beyond the weakness of the president. The policy and lack of gravitas throughout the administration have made the United States a laughingstock on the global stage. The administration has made decisions like giving money to Iran that emboldened and accelerated its sponsorship of terror. The administration has also weaponized the U.S. dollar, which has led to more nations dumping U.S. Treasuries and seeking to conduct international trade in other currencies.

Other decisions, like pushing “green” initiatives, benefit rival nations like China instead of strengthening America’s economic foundation.

There are, of course, other issues, but with limited room for messaging, staying focused on the economy, national security, and America’s overall strength is much more important than the president’s mental clarity.

This administration has emboldened a terrifying set of national economic and security crises. That goes far past Biden’s personal cognitive and aging challenges. These issues need to remain front and center as Americans cannot afford another four years of this.

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