The Morning Briefing: DOCTOR Jill Biden Has Always Been un Full Edith Wilson Mode

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The Sine Qua Non Sequitur is taking the day off to binge watch Season 3 of “Mr. Belvedere.” 


In the hail storm of epiphanies — real or imagined — that have been hitting the Democrats since Joe Biden’s debate disaster, the realization that First Lady Jill Biden isn’t much of a team player seems to be a surprise to many of them. A lot of us here on the Right have known all along that she would be the immovable object when the rest of the party finally admitted that it was time to insist that her husband step aside. 

I still maintain that Joe didn’t really want to run all that badly in 2020, but the missus had it on her “honey do” list and would not be denied. 

This is something I wrote in the Morning Briefing four years ago yesterday:

The longer the Joe Biden Obvious Decline Circus is allowed to go on, the more I’m convinced that Jill Biden is a power-hungry madwoman who so desperately wants to be in the White House that she is willing to subject her husband to what has now become bipartisan ridicule. If Joe Biden were your grandfather you would be worrying yourself into an ulcer about him and making sure that you helped him maintain as much dignity as possible.

Four months before the 2020 election, and we all knew the truth about Joe Biden that the Democrats are just pretending to have figured out at the end of last month. The headline of that Briefing was “Jill Biden Wants to Trash Her Husband’s Dignity to Be Edith Wilson 2.0.”

Nothing has changed, despite the crescendo of cries from more and more Democrats for Biden to remove himself from the race. 


Her First Ladyship is more combative than ever. This is from a post my friend Stephen Green wrote yesterday

The stress has been phenomenal these past two weeks after that brutal cold/jetlag/stutter got Democrats publicly wondering whether Biden should step aside and open the nominating process back up. And so DOCTOR Jill Biden, who is known in her own mind for being effortlessly cool under pressure, lost it ever-so-slightly on Monday while deigning to speak to the press.

The video in Stephen’s post makes it clear that Mrs. Biden is NOT in the mood to entertain questions about her husband’s future. She’s dismissive, rude, and displays the contempt for the press that has been her husband’s trademark for decades. The Bidens do not like it when the press minions forget their places and challenge them. The fancy themselves royalty, not public servants. The media is there to — as President LOLEightyonemillion infamously said in June — “play by the rules” and do the Bidens’ bidding. 

Jill Biden has no doubt been assailed by Dem elites since the debate, because they know that they need her blessing to make the change at the top that they’re so desperate to make. Those conversations can’t be very pleasant. As Matt Vespa writes over at Townhall, Mrs. Biden doesn’t share their interests, “so the party is in Purgatory.” 

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The Democrats are deep in “be careful what you wish for” territory, and it is Jill Biden who brought them there. If the power brokers in the Democratic National Committee really did think that Joe Biden would relinquish power and not run for a second term, they were obviously overlooking his wife. If she is feeling slighted, it’s only going to strengthen her resolve to keep her husband propped up in the Oval Office for as long as she can. 


Jill Biden is the de facto President of the United States now, and most likely has been for most of her husband’s time in office. That’s a gig that she isn’t giving up without a bloody fight. If I were betting on the winner of the brawl, all of my money goes on her.

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