FLASHBACK: Jorge Ramos Liked The Idea Of An AOC ‘24 Run for President

In the face of President Biden’s difficulties in holding his campaign together in the wake of his disastrous debate performance, it is worth looking back to the Big Thoughts of Univision anchor and Special Advisor to the CEO Jorge Ramos, to wit: his open support for the idea of Squad Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez running for the presidency in 2024.

As we’ve noted in the past, Ramos has a habit of speaking more freely to overseas press. Here’s what he said to Spain’s El País in August of 2020:

JESUS RODRIGUEZ MANTILLA: Do you hope to see a Latino president?

JORGE RAMOS: Of course! Not just to see one, but I hope I’m able to cover one as a journalist. There are more Latinos than African-Americans. They’ve already had one. The next giant step would be to see a Latina in the White House.

RODRIGUEZ MANTILLA: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, once she’s old enough to run, after turning 35?

RAMOS: She’s part of the generation that my 31-year-old daughter Paola belongs to.

RODRIGUEZ MANTILLA: How do you define them?

RAMOS: Direct, fearless. They tell it like it is. They don’t wait. They show themselves to be very impatient. They handle cell phones and social media like no one else, and will quickly seize control from those who hold it now. So much so that I hope they’re in even more of a hurry.

The blacks already had their president, said Ramos, therefore it’s time to make way for a Latina. To the hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To the race essentialist, every problem can be fixed with more representation. 

As we noted at the time:

Now imagine, for a split second, the outrage and high dudgeon were a Fox News opinion to say that African-Americans already got to have a president. In any context. The advertiser boycott and “Fire X” campaigns would launch that very evening. CNN would convene a braying mob for a town hall, and the left would find some way to tie it all back to Donald Trump. 

One wishes that Ramos’ naked racialist Jacobinism and open simping for AOC ‘24 were merely embarrassing, and not also extremely dangerous given today’s political climate. But Ramos quite openly and transparently is who he is. Univision’s continued indulgence of their senior news anchor’s extreme opinions, in print and otherwise, is further proof that the network is little more than a radical advocacy PAC with a broadcast license, engaged in raw partisan politics under cover of its news division.

Nearly four years have passed since that interview, but not much has changed. Univision, under new ownership, sometimes pretends to rein itself in although they are still an immigration advocacy network above all else and, therefore, a client of the Democrat Party. Ramos is still as much of a woke activist as ever, but not as much of a mouthpiece for AOC as he once was. In many ways the luster has worn off of AOC, having proven herself a disappointment to the left and a constant object of mockery to the right.

Nonetheless, Ramos is still very much the race merchant he was when he said that blacks had their president and that it was time for Millenials, generally, and for AOC, specifically. Given the current state of presidential politics, one wonders whether Ramos regrets actually stating those thoughts out loud and in public.

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