Old Joe Biden Is on the Brink of a Foreign Policy Triumph: His Biggest Betrayal of All

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How can Old Joe Biden possibly win reelection at this point? Well, his team could cheat. A more savory alternative, however, would be for the old deceiver to pull off a triumph so massive, so awe-inspiring, as to secure his place in history as the wildly successful president his remaining supporters are improbably insisting he has been. 


As improbable as it is, that triumph could be in the offing. If it happens, the senescent corruptocrat might well ride a wave of adulation that could propel him to victory in November and secure his place in history as one of the most craven betrayers who ever lived. The two motions — triumph and betrayal — would be one and the same.

David Ignatius laid out the whole sorry business in the Washington Post on Wednesday. “After months of agonizing [agonizing!] negotiation,” he revealed, “the Biden administration appears close to a cease-fire deal that would halt major fighting in Gaza, release some Israeli hostages and surge humanitarian aid to desperate Palestinian civilians.” 

Although there appears to be something in this deal for both sides, it doesn’t even sound good at first glance, and it gets much, much worse. Israel would get some, but not all, of its hostages back. Hamas would get even more “humanitarian aid” than it has already seized from the people of Gaza. And above all, Hamas would survive.

The Israeli government has repeatedly stated that the destruction of Hamas is its primary war aim. As recently as three weeks ago, the Netanyahu government reiterated that it “has defined the destruction of Hamas’ military and governing capabilities” as one of its foremost goals and emphasized that “the IDF, of course, is committed to this.”

The Biden ceasefire deal, however, not only doesn’t envision such a scenario but maps out a future for Gaza that includes Hamas. Ignatius explained that “Israel and Hamas have both signaled their acceptance of an ‘interim governance’ plan that would begin with Phase 2, in which neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza.” 


Instead, Gaza would apparently become a kind of American protectorate: “Security would be provided by a force trained by the United States and backed by moderate Arab allies, drawn from a core group of about 2,500 supporters of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza who have already been vetted by Israel.”

Hamas loves this idea. Hamas top dogs have already “told mediators that it is ‘prepared to relinquish authority to the interim governance arrangement,’ a U.S. official said.” 

It’s easy to see why Hamas would be so taken with this arrangement. After all, the Biden regime has gone to immense lengths to ensure that the jihad terror organization would survive, showering it with billions in “humanitarian aid” that sustained it when it was most hard-pressed and withholding crucial weapons from Israel that would have allowed for a genuine Israeli victory. If a U.S. force, buttressed by forces from the likes of “American ally” and Hamas financier Qatar, were ruling Gaza, it would just be Hamas rule by another name.

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So why would the Netanyahu government agree to such an arrangement? It may simply have no other choice. The Biden regime has made its disdain for the Jewish state abundantly clear. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown, even went so far in late June as to take the unprecedented step of announcing to the world that “the US may not be able to help defend Israel against an all-out war with Hezbollah in the same way that it stepped in during the Iran drone attack in April.” 


Short of sending weapons and soldiers to fight alongside Hezbollah, it’s hard to see how the Biden regime could be less help to Israel than it has been already, but the message was clear: the United States is no longer on the side of the only free republic in the Middle East and of the state that is on the front lines of the resistance against the same jihad threat that America still faces.

Nonetheless, if David Ignatius is to be believed, the die is cast: “A senior U.S. official told me Wednesday that ‘the framework is agreed’ and the parties are now ‘negotiating details of how it will be implemented.’” Old Joe, the Great Betrayer, may think this will be his ticket to reelection. And he may well be right.

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