Patrick Bet-David turns into a FANBOY; says Stephen A. Smith is the GOAT

Stephen A. Smith is apparently in negotiations with ESPN to become the highest-paid sports commentator — with a $25 million per year contract on the table.

After news of the possible deal broke, Patrick Bet-David sat down with Stephen A. Smith on Smith’s podcast.

And he may have fanboyed a little too close to the sun.

“Talk to me about what your vision is of what America should be,” Smith says to PBD.

“What America should be,” PBD repeats, before completely ignoring the question. “You’re the greatest guy in sports commentating ever, right? You’re the GOAT. Everybody calls you the GOAT.”

Jason Whitlock
is understandably confused by the praise.

“Is this a worthy classification? Is he the Michael Jordan of sports commentary?” Whitlock asks Steve Kim.

“I’ve never actually heard anyone outside of Patrick Bet-David actually say ‘You’re the greatest of all time in that field,’” Kim says. “Is he going to be the most well paid? Is he the most exposed or overexposed? Is he the one that’s out there the most? Is he the most ubiquitous? Yes.”

“But does that necessarily make him the greatest commentator of all time?” he asks, adding, “I never thought of him as the greatest. I don’t think he knows enough, to be honest with you.”

Whitlock agrees.

“When you start saying that someone is the greatest sports commentator of all time, and he’s worth $25 million a year, this is where my brain goes,” Whitlock begins. “This is all a rigged simulation. This is all a Matrix. And these are people that are supporting the Matrix, who are just like Patrick Bet-David.”

“Is he represented by the same agents as Stephen A. Smith? Because it’s such a nonsensical statement. It’s like, you know, ‘Jason Whitlock is the greatest bodybuilder of all time.’ That’s what it’s the equivalent of,” he adds.

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