“Breaking” bad news from CNN: Mooch is off the Trump Train


Breaking news … from 2017? “I think that it’s pretty obvious,” Anthony Scaramucci tells CNN’s John Berman, that he doesn’t support Donald Trump, which has been “pretty obvious” for some time. Berman, however, treats the Mooch’s departure from the Trump Train as a watershed for the GOP for some reason:

Berman actually offers up an all-caps “BREAKING” on Scaramucci’s suggestion to the GOP that they replace Trump on the 2020 ticket:

Mooch’s disaffection from Trump is not exactly breaking news. Scaramucci has been repeatedly critical of Trump ever since his departure from the White House two years ago after an eleven-day gig as comms director. Scaramucci has been relatively balanced in his analysis of Trump since that point, supporting the president at times as well as criticizing him when necessary. (Would that all pundits take that same approach.) However, Mooch of all people knows the score. Once you publicly criticize Trump, you’re out, usually for good.

Calling for the GOP to replace Trump is a bit farther than Mooch has gone in the past, but — not to be too dismissive — so what? Scaramucci is hardly in position to influence the GOP, or even Wall Street on this particular point. In fact, Mooch explained less than four months ago that there was no need to replace Trump to gain Wall Street’s support for the GOP because Democrats had gone nuts over anti-capitalist rhetoric. Scaramucci described it as a “reverse Bradley effect”:

“The anti-corporate, anti–Wall Street direction of the Democratic Party is driving Democrats into the Trump camp, which is, in most cases, the last place they want to be,” said Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the Partnership for New York City, the business group that counts among its members all of the city’s major financial institutions. “The fact that he’s raised as much money as he has is a reflection of how many Democrats are holding their nose and supporting him because they feel demonized by the Democrats.” …

“Wall Street for Trump is the reverse Bradley effect,” said hedge-fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, the Republican fund-raiser who (very) briefly served as Trump’s White House communications director, referring to the theory that voters overstate their support for nonwhite candidates in polls. “They all secretly love him, but because of their clients and the polarity, they don’t want to say it out loud.”

Democrats haven’t exactly fixed that problem, and any Trump “dissembling” isn’t going to come between Wall Street financiers and their fiscal interests.

Mooch is a fun and sharp voice on TV, but he’s just another in a long line of talking heads. It’s not “BREAKING” for a pundit to have an opinion. If a GOP leader called for Trump to be replaced on the 2020 ticket, that would be news, especially if it involved key leadership positions in Republican congressional caucuses or state parties. More to the point, a Republican launching a serious and well-funded primary challenge would qualify for the level of surprise and promotion Berman offers here.

This is just Mooch being Mooch, and to his credit, even he seems surprised by Berman’s reaction to his comments. Mooch doesn’t take himself as seriously as Berman does here, which makes “I think that’s pretty obvious” more like criticism of Berman than of Trump.

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