School fires teacher who reported illegal alien students to Trump


Regrets… she might have a few. Georgia Clark is – or rather, was – an English teacher in the Fort Worth School District in Texas. Unfortunately for her, the school board has voted unanimously to fire her from her job. Strangely enough, this was the second time they had voted to fire her, but the original decision in June had been tabled.

So what was her crime? She tweeted at the President, saying that her school had been overrun by illegal immigrants. And no, we’re not kidding. (Washington Times)

A school board in Texas has voted to fire a teacher who had told President Trump that her school had been taken over by illegal immigrants.

Georgia Clark has been fired from the Fort Worth Independent School District “immediately,” the board reported Tuesday evening on its Twitter feed, without further elaboration.

Ms. Clark, an English teacher at Carter-Riverside High School, had written in some quickly deleted tweets addressed to Mr. Trump that her school had been “taken over” by “illegal students from Mexico.” She added that Mr. Trump had won the election “on the promise that a wall would be built to protect our borders.”

The text of the now-deleted tweet that got her in trouble went on to say that Donald Trump “won the election on the promise that a wall would be built to protect our borders.”

There should be one question immediately leaping to mind for anyone who follows stories about our education system. You can fire teachers? Normally, as soon as someone tries to fire a teacher their union swoops in like a vulture and either halts the process or files a lawsuit. Sometimes that includes teachers who have been accused of “inappropriate behavior” with students. Look no further than the infamous “rubber rooms” in New York for classic examples.

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But somehow, when this teacher put something up briefly on her personal Twitter account and associated herself with the President, they were able to drop her like a hot potato. Even if Texas is still a red state, the teachers’ unions and public school systems generally are blue. In that regard, perhaps she shouldn’t have been surprised. If the teacher is trying to appeal the decision and gets no support from her union, that will probably tell you all you need to know.

Of course, this might not necessarily turn out to be an unhappy ending for Ms. Clark. Now that the media is getting hold of the story, it might show up on Fox News or in the President’s timeline. And how do you think President Trump will react to the news that a Trump loving, border wall supporting Texas teacher was fired for her loyalty to his cause? No, the President can’t order the school to hire her back. But she might wind up as the next deputy undersecretary of education or something.

Of course, I’m kidding. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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