The Morning Briefing: Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong About Everything


She Almost Makes Me Miss Hillary

Maybe the reason that Elizabeth Warren thinks college should be free because she has firsthand knowledge that a university degree doesn’t necessarily make one smart.

When Fauxcahontas was working her way up through the ranks of this massive candidate pool, she was merely irritating. Now, she’s firmly entrenched in the top four, and has gotten to rant like a madwoman been given more speaking time at the last two debates than anyone else.

Warren’s ability to hover near the top of the polls, combined with her always-angry combative demeanor, are making it feel as if she may be the commie who outlasts Bernie, despite his squad connections, and recent polling.

Early in the 2016 cycle, I was convinced that Warren would decide to enter the race. That was before Bernie began his meteoric rise. She obviously thought the race didn’t need two candidates representing the progressive Left at the time.

With both of them in from the start this time around, it’s become a race to see which one of them can “out Left” the other.

As this socialist battle royale has played out, the standard take from pundits on both sides is that Warren is more deep from a policy standpoint than Sanders is. Admittedly, it is quite easy to present oneself as being less crazy and possessing more intellectual heft than Bernie Sanders. However, a quick pass over what Warren offers on any given day as she campaigns proves that she may be even loonier.

Here are just a few examples.

Both Warren and Sanders rail against billionaires all the time. Sanders tends to refer to them as greedy. In yesterday’s Briefing, we saw Warren absurdly referring to billionaires as “freeloaders.” That’s particularly rich coming from a United States Senator who leeches off the American taxpayers while drawing a comfortable salary.

Warren has a personal jihad against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Her latest tirade about Zuckerberg found her ranting about him dining with the president and calling it “corruption.” Sane people don’t actually think that Facebook and any Republican are engaged in any kind of corrupt subterfuge.

Even leftist sources that praise her reveal that she is problematic while doing so. When writing about Warren’s health care plan, New York Magazine referred to it as a “storytelling device” and admitted that her ideas for funding it are “flawed.”

Lefty Lizzie could be using her upper echelon status to become a more serious candidate, but she’s committed to spouting lunacy to keep the mob full of frothing righteous anger. She’s very active on social media, constantly offering thoroughly unbalanced nonsense like this:

Democracy is broken. Election results mean nothing.

This bitter, lying crone wants to be president.


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