Kaepernick: Soleimani death is American Imperialism against black and brown people


Colin Kaepernick has some thoughts about the death of Iranian General Soleimani, and it’s quite the hot take, really. Instead of noting that the evilest man alive is no longer plotting the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers, as he did, Kaepernick calls the move American Imperialism, specifically against black and brown people..

Credit where credit is due – he is the first that I have heard describe President Trump’s decision to take out Soleimani when the opportunity arose as American Imperialism. It sounds bad, right? That’s the point. Kaepernick conflates the war on terrorism as American Imperialism. The first duty of the president is to keep Americans safe, to protect the homeland. Soleimani had the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands. There were intelligence reports, allegedly, of imminent attacks on American targets. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley that “the trigger for the drone strike that killed Soleimani was “clear, unambiguous intelligence indicating a significant campaign of violence against the United States in the days, weeks, and months.” The U.S. embassy in Baghdad was attacked by Iranian-backed militia forces. That action alone by Iran was an act of war carried out against the United States.

Trump made the decision to move forward on the drone attack that took out Soleimani in Iraq. Why was Soleimani in Iraq? His travel outside of Iran violated a previous agreement. The best bit of news out of that event, besides the death of Soleimani, is that American intelligence has the capability to gather such precise information on the comings and goings of terrorists inside of Iran. And, best of all, Trump is bold enough to act on that intelligence when presented with it. Trump is not turning a blind eye to opportunity.

Colin Kaepernick turned the story into a racial issue because that is what he does. He captures attention by speaking out about his perception of racial injustice. He finds it in every aspect of life.

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He even re-tweeted out a quote by Angela Davis, who in 1970 purchased guns used in domestic terrorism. She served about a year behind bars before she was acquitted. She later earned a living as a college professor in California.

Lots of folks on the left support Kaepernick’s perpetual claims of racial inequality and victimhood. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike buy the products he endorses and proudly display those purchases on social media. Here is one such tweet by a co-host of The View:

Here’s the thing about the racial component in this particular event – Soleimani’s targets included black and brown Syrians and Iraqis, along with black and brown American servicemen and women.

Colin Kaepernick plays pied piper to social justice warriors who are willing to believe his rants. In fact, Kaepernick has been the recipient of countless opportunities in America. The color of his skin has not hindered him in the least. Major corporations like Nike have rewarded his stunts with endorsement contracts that have earned him millions of dollars.

So, spare me the crocodile tears, Colin Kaepernick. He’s living quite well in America and afforded the luxury of freedom of speech which would be denied to him under the Iranian regime. They have been terrorizing Americans of all colors for 40 years. It can also be noted that the brave Kaepernick keeps replies to his tweets private. Kinda lame, right?

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