The Morning Briefing: Impeachment Trial Week Is Here and Please God Kill It With Fire


Help Us Cocaine Mitch, You’re Our Only Hope

Phase Two of Impeachmentpalooza is about to roll into the collective conscience of politics-weary America and the best we can hope for is that the Republican-controlled Senate will treat this thing like the impertinent toddler temper tantrum that it is.

Thankfully, this round is in the hands of Cocaine Mitch, who has given every indication that he is just not in the mood for this tawdry process to drag out.

Republicans are being accused of attempting to “weaponize” the process, which really just means “fighting back.” Fighting back is always bad if a Republican is doing it.

Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats — who are now under the complete control of de facto Speaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — conducted and impeachment “inquiry” that was so sham-ridden an alcoholic carnival barker would be embarrassed to be associated with them.

The Senate’s post-McCain pitbull Lindsey Graham says he wants to wrap up this nonsense quickly. He is so not in the mood for any of this:

This hideous clown car excursion needs to end fast not because it would be best for the president or the GOP, but because it would be good for America. There will be no shortage of drama throughout this election year, why ramp it up this early?

As we’ve discussed, the Democrats are under the impression that impeachment will work out well for them, which the sane world knows isn’t possible/true/realistic. Sure, it’s tempting to let them continue believing that, but the longer we do, the more it just sucks the life force out of the nation.

Best to dash their hopes quickly, thoroughly, and brutally.

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He’s right…the first time you see your name on a marquee in Vegas is SO showbiz. Mine was on the MGM marquee in the early ‘90’s and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.

Calisthenics is an awkward word. Actually, “awkward” is an awkward word.


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