Revelation at Sundance? Hillary throws Obama under the bus


We know that President Obama was no fan of Donald Trump when he received the GOP nomination to run for president in 2016. Something we didn’t know is that Barack Obama described Donald Trump as a fascist in a phone call to Tim Kaine in the lead-up to the 2016 election. I don’t think we’ve heard this little tidbit of information, have we?

Hillary Clinton is receiving the kind of hero-worship at the Sundance Film Festival that she usually does from the entertainment industry. The documentary, a four-part series titled Hillary premiered Saturday. Included in the documentary is a mention of a call from President Obama to the vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, just weeks before the 2016 election. He tells Senator Kaine, “Tim, remember, this is no time to be a purist. You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House.” That sounds like a plea to go low, doesn’t it? I’ll also note that the fascist label is pretty rich coming from the “I have a pen and a phone” guy.

Apparently there are not many other revelations revealed in the four hours. The documentary shows behind the scenes footage from the 2016 campaign and Hillary narrates. How many new things are there left after Hillary’s defeat, given that she never left the stage? She’s written books and done countless interviews and television appearances. How many times have we read that Hillary Clinton credits Trump’s election to Russian interference or voter suppression? She also usually credits her defeat to sexism. She has nothing but excuses for her failure to win the election, never any real self-reflection. For Hillary, it is always everyone else’s fault when she loses.

We know Hillary has a grudge against Bernie Sanders. She trashes him at every opportunity she finds. She did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter where she said no one likes Bernie and no one wants to work with him. Yada, yada, yada. Hillary is not a graceful loser, that’s for sure.

Hillary had to walk back her attack on Bernie, though, when even Democrats criticized her. At Sundance when a BernieBro asked her whom they should support, suddenly she was all about party unity.

Suddenly magnanimous, Clinton pivoted on that passionate stance Saturday, when an apparent Sanders voter in the Sundance audience took her to task.

“It’s no surprise that you’re not a big fan of Bernie Sanders,” he said. “So what would you say to the Bernie Sanders fans?… Who should they vote for?”

“Once we have a nominee, close ranks,” Clinton responded to loud applause. There was a lot of clapping throughout, with Sundance being Utah’s largest annual liberal convention.

And, of course, Hillary took the opportunity to trash Republicans to the audience. She hopes the impeachment trial “will haunt them”. She said “Trump is exactly the “leader whose behavior would be so egregious and dangerous to the republic” that the Founding Fathers feared.”

“I hope this will haunt them,” Hillary Clinton said Saturday night at the Sundance Film Festival of the Republicans’ likely acquittal of President Donald Trump in his ongoing Senate Impeachment trial.

“I find it absolutely beyond my understanding why they are so cowed to do what they know they should do,” the 2016 Democratic candidate told an almost overfilled Ray Theatre about the GOP senators, who seem hellbent on allowing the former Celebrity Apprentice host to escape being removed from office.

“They’ll probably default to deriding the case, they started that today, and move it as quickly as possible without any more evidence or witnesses called,” the former Secretary of State added at the conclusion of the world premiere of her Hulu docuseries Hillary.

Self-awareness is hard for Hillary. She and Bill Clinton are easily the most corrupt politicians in my lifetime. They entered the White House with little to their names and left as multi-millionaires. During the impeachment of Bill Clinton, it was well-known that Hillary was lobbying senators to spare her husband’s presidency. You may remember that Bill turned health care reform over to Hillary, the First Lady, who appeared before Congress to promote Hillarycare, the predecessor to Obamacare.

The crowd loved her. She received frequent applause and the random “We love you” from the audience. No doubt the documentary will be a hit with the elites on both coasts. The series runs for 253 minutes and premieres on Hulu on March 6.

I’ll end with a little mantra I recite to myself: Any day Hillary Clinton isn’t president is a good day.

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