Round-up: Videos that will make you go hmm… or cringe


Who can deny the value of laughter over a crazy video going viral in social media during the days of impeachment, impeachment, impeachment? Tuesday several videos delivered on a welcome distraction from daily political discourse.

Michael Bloomberg provided the most entertainment. If he continues like this, he will be a strong contender for Joe Biden’s top ranking as a source of amusement, or despair, depending on which side of the aisle you are on. The first one I noticed involves a dog. He’s making friends with the dog and reaches down to grab his (or her?) snout. Then he gives the dog some scratches like a normal human being would do.

Fortunately, the dog was ok with this greeting and wagged his tail instead of biting off Bloomberg’s hand. It’s not the first time the former Mayor of Gotham has done this, either.

When I first saw the clip, I admit I was surprised to see such a gesture. Apparently, I’m out of the loop on human interaction with canines, though. Lots of commenters mentioned that this is not at all unusual – they do it, too. I watched the clip over and over. The dog’s owner wasn’t fazed at all. My husband had a reaction I thought was germane – he noted that at least Bloomberg didn’t try to pick the dog up by his ears. It’s hard to get the image of LBJ doing that to a Bassett Hound out of your mind if you have ever seen it.

Bloomberg has a response out this morning. It’s cute, a clever move.

There is a stange video up with Bloomberg where he admits he called President Trump after he won the 2016 election. He said that he got word that Trump wanted to talk to him so he called. At the end of the clip, Bloomberg admits that Trump was very polite with him and even gave him his personal cell phone number. Then Bloomberg says he didn’t bother to write the number down and hasn’t spoken to him since.

Keep in mind that this is in-between Trump’s election and inauguration. It seems odd to me that someone with a politician-sized ego who is interested in affecting public policy, like Michael Bloomberg, wouldn’t want to take advantage of having access to the leader of the free world. He falls into the category of those who were friends with Trump before Trump was elected president. Funny how that happens.

Joe Biden had a very Joe Biden moment with a voter in Iowa. After a campaign event Biden is shown speaking to a man who is asking a climate change question about ending pipelines, or something. The guy points his finger at Biden – they are standing very close together – and clearly Biden doesn’t appreciate his attitude. He ends up telling the man to vote for someone else! Joe even lays a hand on him. The voter still asks for a picture with Biden, though. You can hear a staffer trying to end the exchange but Biden’s ignoring her. Though he said he’s a Steyer supporter, Biden accused him of being a BernieBro.

Welp. That’s an interesting way to campaign.

As it turns out, the voter, Ed Fallon served in Iowa’s general assembly and leads an organization that tackles the issue of climate change. Steyer answered back to Biden. Hoo boy.

Biden is looking entitled to the nomination. He reminds me of the 2016 Hillary Clinton. Maybe he will form an alliance with Amy Klobuchar to pull himself across the line in Iowa ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Another video that caught my eye was one from Jon Ossoff. In a piece by the Daily Wire, Ossoff delivers a message to Republicans – never show your faces in public again. There’s an inclusive Democrat message for you, right? You may remember the hype Ossoff got from Democrats and their Hollywood cohorts when he ran in a special election in 2017 for Georgia’s 6th congressional district. He lost.

I’ll wrap this up with one more video from Bloomberg. I don’t really know what to say about it except I guess it’s a pander to LGBTQ voters. It shows Bloomberg eating a spoonful of ice cream – Big Gay Ice Cream. Big Gay Ice Cream is a New-York based ice cream company and I’ve never heard of it. The company name refers to both the two gay men who founded it, as well as a throwback reference to the use of gay to mean happy. Founded in 2009 as a seasonal food truck, it now has multiple locations in New York and Philadelphia, according the website. In 2017 it began selling ice cream pints in convenience stores and grocery stores outside of New York.

Most likely, it’s a rather quirky way of introducing his LGBTQ policy initiatives. He released that Wednesday on his campaign website. Bloomberg certainly received attention with the video. What’s next, a Bernie Sanders ad for Ben and Jerry’s?

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