The Morning Briefing: A Hit List of Righteous Republican Anger From the Senate Floor

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Don’t Hold Back, Now

We are going to have a slightly different vibe here at the Morning Briefing, more of a Greatest Hits list of Twitter videos from yesterday’s Senate doings.

After being the worst people on Earth on Sunday, Senate Democrats doubled-down on Monday and decided to be the worst people in history and continue blocking the coronavirus relief package all because Granny Boxwine showed up with a fetish list of progressive nonsense that made Chuck Schumer dance like a little puppet.

Make no mistake, Pelosi and Schumer are garbage, and the worst should always be expected of each. Perhaps things were different with each at some point, but I’ve been around long enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans could actually get along and I don’t remember either of them being decent human beings.

Schumer played by stuffy Senate rules yesterday but still managed to be an incivil ass.

The surest sign that Schumer was completely in the wrong was that The New York Times came to his defense and blamed Mitch McConnell.

The Senate is full of “my friend on the other side of the aisle” talk that gets rather tedious after a while. Maintaining that kind of decorum became rather difficult on Monday, when even some of the most moderate, mild voices in the Republican party had enough and began lashing out at the Democrats from the Senate floor:

Here, in no particular order, are some of the upset Republican responses from yesterday’s Democratic partisan grandstanding. Again, these are from senators who often aren’t as animated as they are here.

1. John Thune

2. Susan Collins

3. John Barrasso

4. Ted Cruz

5. Mitch McConnell

A little more of Cocaine Mitch never hurts.

6. Pat Roberts

This is a longer YouTube clip. Fast-forward to the 6:15 mark for the exchange with Joe Manchin. Roberts gives it his level best to keep up with Senate decorum but then just can’t even deal. Stick with it.

Who knows how today will go? We’re hoping for the Democrats to think more about the best interests of the American people than consolidating their political power.

How does that usually work out?

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Reduct This

The Kruiser Kabana

Good Place to Quarantine

LOL, some Cold War bomb humor from Tom Lehrer that seems especially apropos right now.

I’m quarantining my desire for comfort food this week.


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