Wikipedia Does Damage Control: Locks Page of Never-Trumper Caught Grooming Underage Boys


The Never Trumpers at the Lincoln Project are scrambling to put out fires after one of their married founders was caught sending sexually explicit messages to young men.

Earlier today news broke that 21 men had accused Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver of online harassment, according to a report by The New York Times.

The youngest victim the New York Times spoke to was just 14 years old when John Weaver started messaging and grooming him.

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The New York Times says the evidence of Weaver’s online harassment is well documented and backed up by screenshots and ran between 2015-2020.

It was an open secret but the Lincoln Project is acting like they had no idea Weaver was grooming young men, including underage teen boys.

“One of the most extraordinary things was how much of an open secret this was among the men Weaver commonly targeted — young, gay men interested in politics. Three men told me they’d described the harassment to a friend and the friend guessed it was Weaver,” NYT reporter Maggie Astor said.

The story is going completely viral today.

It didn’t take long for far-left Wikipedia to do damage control.

Wikipedia locked John Weaver’s page today after the report on him grooming young men broke.

Via Mike Cernovich:

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