In Case You Missed It: Super Bowl LV Kicks Off with Singing of Black National Anthem (VIDEO)


Super Bowl LV kicked off this year with the singing of the Black National Anthem.

Alicia Keys sang, “Lift Your Voice and Sing” in Tampa to start off the festivities.

Shots of NFL players kneeling to the US National Anthem and Black Lives Matter protests were included in this Super Bowl video.

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  1. didn’t waste my time watching a bunch of over paid, spoiled brats disrespect the flag and the country that allowed them to get to where they are. Don’t want to respect my flag: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY

  2. This will cause nothing but racial divide and set Black people back. All the Civil Rights progress will be for nothing.
    A young black child unwilling to join a violent gang is set on fire in a barrel. Little Yummies don’t have a chance. (Chicago). Black children in Baltimore can’t make it passed the 8th grade, despite 16,000 per child, per year. Black on Black crime is daily and violent. The number one cause of death among young Black males is death from another Black male. Blacks on welfare don’t work or have any incentive to work. No Fathers around to raise the children properly because Democrat policies have destroyed the Black family unit. BLM is helping to destroy the Black family unit and promote more Black babies being discarded as medical waste, instead of being born. Democrat leaders have herded them into housing projects and segregated them from society. Black Leaders have done nothing. The majority of Blacks will always vote to be second class citizens under Democrat control. They are making sure the next generation stays under this control. LBJ knew what he was saying. Next 200 years they will be voting Democrat.

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