New “Squad” member: Standardized testing is to different races as tree-climbing is to different species


This reminds me of that Times op-ed from a few years ago by a Latino writer who concluded that he had to break up with his girlfriend because she was white. How can a man be happy, he wondered, when his progressive minority friends keep giving him the stink-eye for his miscegenation with an Oppressor?

“This piece suggests an exciting new scale of modern racial enlightenment,” I wrote at the time. “Woke, Extremely Woke, Ludicrously Woke, Jim Crow.”

Just something that popped to mind today while studying this cartoon circulated by new lefty star Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

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He’s trying to make the point, I assume, that white students are better equipped to pass standardized tests because they go to better funded schools and come from higher-earning households on average than black students do. An underprivileged group can’t be expected to perform as well as a privileged one in the aggregate, even if individual members of that group can and do.

But making that point about racial disparities by borrowing an analogy to animals, which have different innate abilities because they’re literally different species, is … not a good analogy. “‘People of certain races are literally incapable of scoring well on certain subjects’ is an interesting progressive take,” sniffed Noam Blum.

Imagine how deep in the weeds of racial essentialism you need to be to miss Blum’s point and push a cartoon that would fit comfortably on an alt-right message board.

I’ll leave you with this, an oldie but goodie that I’ve posted before which was brought to mind by a Twitter pal this afternoon who also saw Bowman’s tweet.

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