Dominion Blames “Human Error” For Voting Machines Mislabeling Republican Ballots in PA County


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Pennsylvania – Dominion Voting Systems blamed “human error” for voting machines mislabeling Luzerne County Republican ballots in last week’s primary.

Republican ballots were mislabeled as Democrat ones on electronic screen at polling locations.

But Dominion says it wasn’t their fault.

“Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” Nicole Nollette, the executive vice president of operations at Dominion said.

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The Times Leader reported:

Dominion Voting Systems Inc., which supplied and programs the devices, said “human error” caused the data entry typographical mistake in the heading at the top of the ballot, according to company executive vice president of operations Nicole Nollette.

And county Administrative Services Division Head David Parsnik acknowledged the county does not test the on-screen ballots after they are approved. The county leaves it up to Dominion to program them into the electronic ballot marking devices with no county examination before the machines are locked up for delivery, he said.

The explanation came during a more than two-hour special meeting called by the county’s volunteer citizen Election Board solely to address the ballot mislabeling error.

The incorrect ballot heading impacted all Republican ballots countywide. The mistake prompted many Republicans to question the accuracy of the ballot and voting process. Some Democrats also reported they incorrectly received Republican ballots on their screens because that ballot also had a Democratic heading.

Election Board Chairwoman Denise Williams asked Dominion and the county administration what they will do differently to prevent this from happening again.

Nollette said her company will improve its data entry proofing and work with the county.

Republican leaders in Luzerne County are calling for a third-party to conduct a forensic audit.

“These machines — their credibility is lost,” said Election Board member Missy Thomas on Monday. “The system is compromised.”

More on this story from 22 Eyewitness News:

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    1. Does Dominion also claim “human error” for all the elections in Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil where the communist dictators always win for the past 10 or more years? Probably not because those elections were not challenged.

    2. The very reason the democRAT party insistes and pushes for Dominion machines and the SmartBallot software was because of the election results in South America. The dictators never lose. That is what the democRATS want.

    3. Pedo joe biden couldn’t fill a linen closet with voters and everyone with a brain cell knows it …. trump won by the biggest landslide in u.s. history..the democommierats scammed the American people and the world

  1. This is the same “human error” that cheated Donald Trump out of his rightful place as our President…

  2. When a party of company is caught cheating they ALWAYS CLAIM it’s some else’s fault.

    1. Right from the libtard dumorat playbook once again. How about other states and counties that cost republicans the election. Trump never conceded

    2. And our esteemed leader, Hidin’ Biden does it too. For example, the border crisis is President Trump’s fault.

  3. It appears that the same little munchkins “I don’t know” and “Not me” are still being blamed for these incorrect voting results. It’s time to make sure these “human caused” problems don’t reoccur. Dominion should refund every state that purchased them and pick up the machines.

  4. So now Dominion admits there machines were wrong. And tries to blame it on human error. Looks pretty fishy to me. If anyone thinks the machines were right they are not paying attention.

    1. When software for a machine whose only responsibility is to add one to a counter has the ability to subtract from a counter, that is not a bug. That is a blatant software crime !!!!! I wrote software code for 30 years and I know the difference.

    2. When a machine makes a mistake No one goes to jail or ends up with cement boots, but the human being that gets the up front has to defend and be the scape goat while the big wiggs run like mice, and hide and buy their freedom, there will be a whistle blower that comes out, another epstien type.


  6. Trump was robbed of the Presidency and an incompetent Biden should resign immediately and Trump be given the Presidency to correct all the damage that Biden has done since he wrongfully took office,

      1. And we, along with the rest of those 78 million patriotic Americans are now labeled as “extremists”.

        The true extremists are on the left, and they hate America.

    1. The whole world was cheated by the Democ rats because of their election theft and the whole world will suffer terribly and many people will die because of what the demofilth, Obama and the pedofile biden did to it.

  7. LOL…dominion must be owned by demonRATS. It’s always someone else fault.
    Sounds like Barry Obutthole Bama.

    1. Just like the software company that wrote the ObamaCare online AP. The Canadian company was owned by a liberal friend of Michell, I mean Michael! The cost for it was like $80 million.

  8. These machines are the reason we no longer have the best President ever for what is now the weakest President ever.

  9. The error was they accepted money from democrats and 3rd party sources to make sure republicans don’t win. This Should trigger a presidential recall and new election.

    1. This is precisely what a forensic audit is supposed to determine. And this is then supposed to have a direct result on the election. If fraudulent it means it must be over turned. It does not mean we “just move on”.

  10. As time slowly creeps by we are finding out about the problems that took place in this past election. And the lamestream media is still calling it a lie and nothing but a conspiracy theory. They know better than all us what happened and they just don’t want the American voter to know. They are stupid if they think we don’t already know what took place. But, it won’t change anything. Biden is still in and that is wrong.

    1. And that is the fault of John Roberts and Mike Pence. Both should be punished to the fullest extent. Roberts for being a closet communist and Pence for refusing to block known tampered with election results.

  11. Nollette said her company will improve its data entry secrecy and work with the Neo-fascist democrats so this information will b e better hidden, next time they steal an election!

    THERE. . .FIXED!!!!!

  12. Not surprised everyone wants to shift blame, it’s not my fault.
    When are they going to get rid of voting machines and go back to the good old days of “hanging chads”?

  13. I think the problem was somebody forgot to take the program out of the machines the same machines that were used in November election.

  14. What amazes me is that stupid people are always right. ie. News media, demon crats, etc. And to think that Dominion wanted to sue those people that found out that their voting machines were not counting the votes that were for Trump. Now Dominion needs to be sued and Biden kicked out of office. But because the demon crats are in power nothing is going to happen.

  15. “IF” you are dumb enough to believe that BS I have swamp land for sale and some pie in the sky, “OR” you are are brain dead liberal 💩…….

  16. The machines did what they were programed to do. Human error is only an excuse. Machines do not operate on their own.

    1. Tell that to the Anti Gun Liberals who DEMAND Gun Control (Total confiscation of ALL privately held firearms, except for THEIR bodyguards, of course…)

  17. These Democrats Need To Be Put Out Of Office NOW .. Trump Won So Why Are These Terrorist Still In Office

  18. Trump has been banned from Twitter for saying he won the election AND that Covid 19 came from a lab in China. Those experts say he lies, and that the facts are in. Now Donald Trump is proven correct in both cases.
    The Dems better pack the Court before this gets sent to the Justices. They can’t afford to lose the White House – not when they’re on a roll.

  19. Quite honestly; I’m glad that Trump was cheated out of his place as a 2nd term President. This market and economy are about to crash; which is not Trump’s fault. This whole nightmare has been perpetuated during Obama’s tenure with the FED injecting $20 trillion over the past 13 years in order to keep the market and economy alive. Biden just injected another $3 trillion in just 3 months and it’s done nothing. It’s time for the drug addict to flat line and we need it to happen on Biden’s watch and then Trump can come in and save the day and turn things around. Biden has done enough dumb SH!T in the first 3 months to give him the moniker as the perpetrator or cause. This whole thing is going to end up perfect for Conservatives.

  20. Now that the TRUTH has finally been revealed, when will the rightful winner, Donald Trump, be returned to office? It should be immediately!!

  21. Regardless of the claim that it was a “Human Error,” it was an error that Dominion missed and it skewed the validity of the voting processes. Simply because they, Dominion, states that it was human error, does not relieve them from the liability. It is their system and it is their responsibility to insure the accuracy, including the human input. I hope they keep probing Dominion because there is something rotten about this company and their systems! They can not be trusted in the future! More and more data is being presented that shows the failures and errors from Dominion. As that evidence continues to be exposed and it is found that Dominion did indeed influence the vote, then those people in charge should be tied from treason!

  22. Bull Sh*t. Human error, no how’s about rigged voting machines, I guess the humans did that too huh So it may be HUMAN ERROR.

  23. The Bull sh*t started with Election Day. When they weren’t ready with the rigging they had to extend it. They think were all stupid if they’d take a good look in the mirror they would be looking at crazy out of there mind idiots. Let’s throw the people a little bone that should shut them up. Then we’ll give other countries & the migrants & prisoners money to live on the rest of there lives while we pay for it the rest of our lives. The mask that’s another idiotic thing why vaccine if your going to keep wearing mask. I can bet not one of the politics even took that vaccine they showed some of them on TV taking it that was just a show to get people to take it. I won’t there is no one going to tell me what to do with my body. We need to get the criminals out of there. Put Trump back in now. Not 2024 by then it will be to late. We already know who won. We know it was fraud and yes I’m using that word because in all respect that’s what it was. You don’t cover fraud up with some other word. It’s pure fraud and they know it. Call the military in and get this over already. This is Treason if I ever saw it. Quit covering things up it’s not going to change with what’s happened here in the US. Treason is treason and fraud is fraud. Look it up in the dictionary. They are trying to get rid of our history our monuments our lives basically. When we have nothing left that’s when it dosn’t matter any more then it’s time to change things. Then it’s time to show what Americans are made of.

  24. When are the election overseers going to tell Dominion to take their machines and tabulators and CRAM them where the sun doesn’t shine Wouldn’t trust those things one bit

  25. The sum of a thousand lies times a mountain of bovine scatilla equals lies that reek of bovine scatilla. That is the base for Dominion’s programing logic.

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