National Right to Life website taken down by cyberattack

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The website for National Right to Life Committee is offline after apparently being targeted for cyberattack.

“We apologize to those of you who have attempted to reach our web page today — we have been under constant cyberattack by those who most likely promote and profit from abortion. The truth will always prevail,” National Right to Life tweeted on Monday.

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The Supreme Court issued a ruling last week that enables states to ban abortions, and leftists have been up in arms about the decision — many liberal lawmakers decried the ruling as a “dark day” for the nation.

On Monday, a Twitter account bearing the name “Lorian Synaro” decried the high court’s decision and promised cyberattacks against pro-life organizations.

“The US supreme court decision to overturn #RoeVsWade is dangerous and unacceptable. This decision puts millions of American women at risk. It is the direct result of the rise of reactionary and ultra-conservative forces in all spheres of society,” the account declared.

“We must fight once, and for good the reactionary forces and ultra-conservative organizations who aims to control women’s bodies and freedom. #Anonymous has always been fighting for women’s rights and will be once again fighting those who have declared war on women,” the account added in another tweet. “Anti-choice organizations will be attacked daily to ensure they have no safe space on the internet. We want revenge on behalf the millions of women whose life will be impacted by the decision of the supreme court. We want revenge. We want #JanesRevenge!”

The Lorian Synaro account tweeted about the National Right to Life website going down.

“National Right to Life, one of the largest anti-choice organizations in the US has been taken offline. This is just the beginning. We want Jane’s revenge!” a tweet declared on Monday.

The site apparently started working again at some point, but Lorian Synaro tweeted on Tuesday, “It has been taken offline again now.”

“The National Right to Life organization website is offline since 48+ hours! This is Jane’s revenge. We will not stop. To all the anti-choice organizations: Be ready to suffer the consequences of your actions. #Anonymous #OpJane #JanesRevenge #RoeVsWade,” the account tweeted on Wednesday.

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