U.N. Announces Global Guidelines in Works to Censor ‘Disinfo’ Online

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization continued its censorship campaign with an announcement of “global guidelines” in development to tell tech companies how to target “disinformation.”

UNESCO announced in a press release Feb. 1: “As part of its mandate, UNESCO has launched a global dialogue to provide guidelines for regulating digital platforms, to fight disinformation and hate speech and protect freedom of expression and human rights.” Talk about a glaring contradiction. UNESCO’s #ThinkBeforeSharing campaign, launched last year in partnership with Twitter, lectures about “how to identify, debunk, react to and report on conspiracy theories to prevent their spread” and “prebunk.” The campaign is also on the record specifically defending radical leftist billionaire George Soros from his critics and falsely painting them as anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. Soros’ Open Society Foundations have funneled at least $3,322,000 into UNESCO’s apparatus between 2016 and 2021.

UNESCO said in the February release that its “high point” is going to be an international conference organized Feb. 21-23 at UNESCO Paris headquarters. The press release said the conference will lead to a mid-2023 UNESCO presentation of “global guidelines for governments, regulatory bodies and digital companies.” Free speech be damned.

UNESCO whined that social media has a “flawed business model” favoring “the most controversial content,” including supposed “extremism,” “violence” and “insurrection.” The #ThinkBeforeSharing campaign also warns about supposed “violent extremism.” These are global issues and thus require “global guidelines” for regulating tech platforms, UNESCO’s February release alleged.

The #ThinkBeforeSharing graphic “The link to antisemitism” warns about linking “an alleged conspiracy to Jewish individuals or groups (e.g. the Rothschild family or George Soros, a philanthropist) or the State of Israel.” This is wildly hypocritical coming from the UN, which falsely labeled Israel as an apartheid state and consistently targets Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, which funds and supports anti-Semitic terrorism.

Meanwhile, the UNESCO February release enthused, “This global dialogue will culminate in what is believed to be the first global conference specifically focused on guidance for the regulation of digital platforms.” Thousands reportedly will participate in the February conference, and UNESCO “experts” will then “finalize” the global guidelines.

“They will be used by governments, regulators, digital companies and other groups to implement policies and tools as needed, with UNESCO’s expertise and support, while ensuring they are aligned to international human rights norms,” UNESCO said. What gives UNESCO the right to tell tech companies and governments how they must censor content online?

UNESCO cited UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s recent call to target supposed “disinformation.” UNESCO then contradictorily claimed this censorship is in line with its mandate “to promote the free flow of ideas.”

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