Infiltration Invasion? 700% Increase in Illegal Chinese Migrants at U.S. Border

The United States apparently needs a Great Wall to keep out China. The number of Chinese nationals illegally entering the country reportedly increased by over 700% in the last three months of 2022 and is only going to continue spiking in 2023. With open political aggression between China and the U.S. and the recent Chinese spy balloon debacle, we have to ask: is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltrating the U.S. through the southern border?

Are any of these Chinese nationals actually CCP spies? After all, China has infiltrated U.S. government, universities, businesses — almost every sector of American society. The CCP even set up Chinese police stations in New York and Los Angeles. Why not send spies across the wide-open southern border, too? Biden and his administration have shown a marked disinterest in taking strong measures against the CCP, as we saw with the spy balloon. Biden even sold millions of barrels of our strategic oil reserves to a CCP-owned company, despite the daily insults and threats against America from the chicoms. Congress had to block Biden from selling more oil reserves to China in January 2023.

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I’m not the only one to wonder about illegal Chinese migrants. Fox News’ China expert Gordon Chang said Saturday that the number of Chinese illegals entering the United States is the “perfect opportunity” for CCP spies. “Almost all the Chinese coming up through the Darién gap to the U.S. southern border are people who do not want to live in China,” Chang told Fox. “But we have to assume that the Chinese regime is taking advantage of the situation by smuggling in their agents.” That’s a sobering warning from a top China expert.

The New York Post reported on Friday that “The Customs and Border Protection apprehended 1,862 Chinese nationals trying to cross the US-Mexico border during the last quarter of 2022.” That’s compared to 229 Chinese nationals apprehended during the same period in 2021. The number of Chinese nationals encountered by Border Patrol increased every month starting February 2021, the Post said. And it’s not slowing down—the number of illegal alien Chinese nationals in Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, which started in October, is expected to “eclipse the total number caught in the entirety of [FY] 2022,” which was 1,970.

Brian Kennedy, chairman of the policy organization Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC), made a shocking and interesting assertion on Steve Bannon’s War Room in July 2022. He said, “In May of 2019, the Chinese Communist Party issued a declaration of a ‘people’s war,’ to alert the Chinese people that they were going to be entering a phase against the United States where they would go with an unrestricted warfare strategy against the United States.” CPDC also released a webinar about the declared “People’s War” with a panel of experts. If what Kennedy said is true, it would help explain the spy balloons, the police stations — and perhaps the Chinese nationals at the border.

Even Biden’s FBI director Christopher Wray said in February 2022 that the scale of CCP spy activities in the United States “blew me away.” And as Chang noted, Biden’s open border is practically an invitation to CCP spies.

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