A month before the Ohio vinyl chloride toxic gas bomb was ignited by government officials, a large chemical plant exploded in La Salle, Ill. – is this a pattern?

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Almost a month to the day before the Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, and was subsequently burned on purpose, another chemical plant exposure occurred in Illinois.

The Carus potassium permanganate plant in La Salle reportedly caught fire on January 12, sending a chemical plume into the air that left residue all over nearby residences.

“You saw the video footage, you saw what was going on … man, we are so fortunate,” said Carus representative Adam Gibbs about the blast, which did not harm anyone at the site and only caused property damage.

The official story is that the fire’s cause is a mystery, but much like the Ohio blast, it has had a lingering effect on the La Salle area where local residents are still having to deal with the fallout.

Both the plant and nearby residential neighborhoods became covered with chemicals, with one person’s backyard lawn furniture getting eaten through by the burn accelerant.

“When I hit the windshield wipers, it looked black to me, then it turned green and now it’s like a brown color,” said local resident Jamie Hicks. “And it’s caustic. I know what it is; they know what it is.”

Hicks shared photos with local media about what the substance did to her backyard furniture, burrowing what appeared to be rusty holes in the surface material.

“It sounded like it was raining, so I put my hand out, and it was ash coming down,” said another local named Alex Lopez. “At first it was black, then it turned green, so then I went through the car wash. It had stained the windshield a gray or brown film.”


Are chemical plant fires and explosions the new trend after all the food processing plant fires from last year?

Many other La Salle residents reported similar pollution on their properties as chemical ash coated their cars, garbage can lids, roofs, and decks.

It is the same type of thing that is now being reported in and around East Palestine, begging the question: is a pattern beginning to form? Are catastrophic chemical releases becoming the new food processing plant fires, which dominated the news cycle much of last year?

The chemical release in East Palestine is so severe that environmentalist and public health and safety advocate Erin Brockovich tweeted a warning to local residents telling them to go with their gut and leave the area if they sense a proliferation of toxins around their properties.

“What I will say is this,” Brockovich wrote. “Trust your eyes, ears and nose and get the hell out of there if your senses are telling you too [sic].”

“The Biden administration needs to get more involved in this #PalestineOhio train derailment now. We are counting on you to break the chain of administration after administration to turn a blind eye.”

Since the Ohio incident, there have been several other similar events, including train derailments in South Carolina and Texas. A plastic pot warehouse in Kissimmee, Fla., also mysteriously caught fire this week, also sending plumes of toxic chemicals into the skies.

“Remember also that this same gov’t, through the EPA no less, was ALSO telling us right after the toxic clouds of the twin towers, that the air in NYC was also safe to breathe, since they detected no pollutants,” one Natural News commenter wrote about the Ohio incident.

“The fact that Buttigieg has not publicly made ANY comment on this disaster is telling in my view.”

“Satan’s children have now destroyed Palestine in the Middle East AND Palestine in the United States!” wrote another. “When you’re rich and mentally insane, you can do some serious damage!”

More related news can be found at Disaster.news.

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