CNN’s Abby Phillip: ‘Nobody’ Has Condemned White Supremacists in GOP

During a panel discussion on CNN’s Sunday morning political talk program Inside Politics, the newly announced candidacy of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was a big topic. This of course brought out the race baiters on the CNN panel to lash out at Haley as they have all week, for the sin of not condemning America and her Republican Party as racist. 

Host Abby Phillip went a step further than she normally does and bemoaned how it was “a little disheartening to also see that happening,” in reference to comments made by panelist and CNN commentator Audie Cornish,  that Haley and potential presidential candidate and current South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are both steering clear of race and making clear that so-called “institutional racism” in America doesn’t exist. 

Continuing on, Phillip claimed “there are some real nasty elements of the Republican Party, white supremacists and others who want to align themselves with that party.” She then made the pants-on-fire false claim that “nobody is really condemning those people.”

Anyone who has been at all conscious knows white supremacy has been condemned wherever it lives. For Phillip to accuse the Republican Party of harboring white supremacists is just another layer in a multi decade strategy to turn the tables and distract Americans from the fact that the Democrat Party was the party of slavery, segregation and opposition to civil rights.  

Leftists like Phillip live in the past. They believe we are still living in the 1950s and see racists lurking around every corner. 

This dishonest CNN segment was made possible by Ensure. Their information is linked.  

The relevant transcript is below. Click “expand” to read. 

CNN’s Inside Politics
8:21:34 a.m. Eastern

ABBY PHILLIP: I have to say before you jump in, Jeremy. It’s a little disheartening to also see that happening. I mean I think It’s fine to do all of that but to not address the real—there are some real nasty elements of the Republican Party white supremacists and others who want to align themselves with that party and nobody is really condemning those people. But I mean—

JEREMY DIAMOND: There’s a big sense for me in both this message from Tim Scott and this message from Nikki Haley where they are trying it seems to find some kind of middle lane that unifies both the Trump supporters and the anti-Trumpers. They’re trying to carve out that lane but is there really a clamoring for it in the Republican base?

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