Person of Color™ Privilege: The Latest Race Hoax’s Teachable Moment

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Robert Spencer at PJ Media recently reported on the latest race hoax involving a purebred white woman pretending to be racially diverse:

“Raquel Evita Saraswati knows how to play the game, right down to her name itself, with its pleasing multiethnic mélange and artful evocation of Leftist icon Evita Perón. The American Friends Service Committee… was likely thrilled when Saraswati applied to be its Chief Equity, Inclusion, and Culture Officer…

A member of the search committee that ended up hiring Saraswati at the Friends Committee, Oskar Pierre Castro, recounts that during the interview process, Saraswati had represented herself as a “queer, Muslim, multiethnic woman.”… But now it has come to light that contrary to her claims, she is infected with the Left’s original sin: Raquel Evita Saraswati was born Rachel Elizabeth Seidel, and is as white as the native population of Switzerland.”

A critical question, not often asked, emerges: if this woman in question benefited, as we are constantly reminded that she does, from Systemic White Supremacy™ or whatever on account of her white ethnicity, why on Earth would she give it up to become a terribly put-upon minority in the racist United States of America?

Surely, to hear the leftist tale, she would suffer a significant reduction in her quality of life. She’d make less money. Society would scorn her. Police would harass her. She might even get hatecrimed by one of the roaming bands of MAGA Neo-Nazis that have taken over American streets.

Of course, the reality is that — just like her Caucasian foremothers Elizabeth Warren (who pretended to be Native American on job applications) and Rachel Dolezal (who managed to get herself declared head of an NAACP chapter in Washington before getting outed) — she knew very well the social and economic opportunities that she would enjoy if she got herself racially transed.

So Rachel switched her name to something more vaguely ethnic-sounding (Raquel), if not altogether very creative, hit the tanning bed to get a nice bronze hue, donned the culturally-enriching headscarf, and basked in all of the adoration she could never get as a basic Quaker bitch under her assumed identity. She even managed to get herself crowned NOW “Woman of the Year” in recognition of her “over twenty years of experience working to advance social, economic, gender and racial justice.”

Brave and stunning.

People of the Social Justice™ persuasion are forced to act like they don’t know why Rachel would go through such elaborate cosmetic alterations to present herself as something other than what she is — as if the obvious social incentives at play don’t exist. “I don’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing,” her mother lamented.

And maybe her mother genuinely doesn’t — her bewilderment would be understandable if she were not aware of the market value of Diversity™ in the modern American economy.

But anyone who understands the dynamics at play knows damn well why Rachel racially transed herself.

The fiction that there is no advantage conferred by status as a disenfranchised minority must be maintained because, without it, the entire premise of black liberation theology and critical race theory and whatever other pseudo-intellectual academic confections used to justify anti-white hate would collapse.

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