HBO Had No Business Airing Marilyn Manson Smear Docu-series

If I were an HBO executive, I’d be extremely nervous right now and considering a career change. A few days ago, one of Marilyn Manson’s main accusers, Ashley Smithline, who also starred in the smear job mini-series Phoenix Rising on HBO, recanted her lurid accusations against the controversial rocker. She made it up. Not only that, but she claims all the other accusers colluded to bring false allegations against Manson as well. Smithline confessed to People Magazine.

“I succumbed to pressure from Evan Rachel Wood and her associates to make accusations of rape and assault against [Manson] that were not true,” she writes in the declaration, which was obtained by PEOPLE. Although PEOPLE corroborated her story with multiple sources for our May 17, 2021 cover story, Smithline says she felt “pressured” by her attorney to speak about her accusations in a press tour.

The model claims she was “repeatedly gaslit” by Wood and others including Ashley Walters, a former assistant of Manson’s who sued him for sexual assault and battery in 2021, Wood’s girlfriend Illma Gore and Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco to believe she’d been abused in ways similar to the ways they claimed they had been (Bianco filed a lawsuit against Manson in 2021 that was settled in January. Manson filed a defamation suit against Wood and Gore last year).

I watched Pheonix Rising several months ago when I knew nothing about the allegations and I went into it with an open mind. I came out 90% certain it was all lies. How this documentary got made with such an uncritical eye behind the camera is a mystery. There was no attempt at all to fact-check the allegations. Phoenix Rising was simply the fantasy of Evan Rachel Wood and a bunch of other women who were never seriously questioned about their wild claims. Every case of “abuse” described in the series left the viewer wondering, “Why is that a crime?” All of the accusers appeared to have signed up for the abuse they then say they didn’t like years after the fact. It sounded like a group of women who regretted dating the same man complaining about him.

The women in this series contradicted themselves constantly. There wasn’t one piece of actual evidence presented that showed there was any abuse other than the word of women who admitted they dated Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) willingly. One of the most telling parts of the docu-series was listening to “abuse victims” who were legal adults say they wanted to leave and had the ability to leave and even left but then returned of their own free will. 

Joy Behar almost put her finger on it a year ago in an interview with Smithline. Too bad she didn’t press the issue with Smithline then; maybe she would have gotten her to crack. Our media is far too easy on women who come forward with serious allegations and doesn’t challenge them. It’s absurd. You can tell this person is lying.

Good for Smithline for coming out and telling the truth now. But going back to HBO, they should be very nervous. They did absolutely no fact-checking into the “victims” they platformed in Phoenix Rising. If I were Manson, I’d be amending my defamation lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood to include HBO. Now we know that at least one of the women was lying. (And the rest of them are completely unbelievable, and if you don’t think so, go watch it. It’s a mess.)

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Speaking of a mess, watch this interview with Evan Rachel Wood on The View below. She starts scratching her throat the second she’s asked any hard questions. I consider myself a body language expert (as we all are since we are humans and we watch one another all day long), and this person’s body language is screaming, “I’m lying!” Her hands start clawing at her throat almost like her body is trying to make her stop talking. Not only that, but her words also don’t match what she is saying. She says she was 19 when she filmed the music video with Warner where she claims she was raped. She then says she couldn’t consent because she was drunk and high and a minor. In what country is nineteen a minor? Why no one called her on that is beyond belief. The message is clear. If you’re a lying harpy, go on The View and HBO. They won’t ask you any questions or use any critical thinking.

Warner’s lawsuit is going to be hella fun, exposing more false accusers. Women need to stop doing this because there are real victims who will not be believed each time a false accuser is found out (and you will be found out, ladies). It’s a disgusting habit that some women have that needs to be seriously punished so that others don’t try it. What punishment would be severe enough for this to stop? The Old Testament has a few ideas.

The judges shall inquire diligently, and if the witness is a false witness and has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother. So you shall purge the evil from your midst. And the rest shall hear and fear, and shall never again commit any such evil among you. Your eye shall not pity. It shall be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

What did Wood and the others have in mind for Warner? Total financial and professional ruin and possibly jail time. Let it all be done to them. 

If you want to know how to protect yourselves and your children from women like these, pick up my book, Believe Evidence: The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.

Also, is anyone’s head exploding at the fact that Johnny Depp and his best friend, Brian Warner, both had colluding witches trying to ruin their lives? Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

For details on the background of this lawsuit, watch Colonel Kurtz on YouTube. She’s been blasting these women for years out there on her own and she’s finally been vindicated. She deserves the subs and thanks.

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