Supermarket cashiers split jackpot after buying lucky lotto ticket together: ‘We were just messing around’

Two Kentucky coworkers had quite a lucky lunch break recently when they decided to go in on a few lottery tickets and ultimately walked away with more than $15,000 each.

On February 28, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation announced that Dylan Mitchell and Tyesha Trice, two cashiers at a Valu Market in Louisville, had recently decided to purchase a couple of scratch-off tickets on a whim during their lunch break. “We were just messing around and decided to play,” Trice recalled.

The two first grabbed two $30 tickets and ended up winning $100. Emboldened by that quick win, they “did a little fist bump” and then decided to keep going, buying a $50 500x ticket, where their wins just kept growing. Their first scratch on that ticket yielded another $500.

“I saw the second one and thought I was going to pass out,” Trice added.

The two just kept scratching and ended up winning on every spot, bringing their grand total to $50,000, the second-highest total possible for that kind of ticket.

The next day, which also happened to be Mitchell’s birthday, the pair walked into Lottery Headquarters to claim their earnings. After taxes, Mitchell and Trice each walked away with $17,875. The Valu Mart where they work will also pick up a quick $500 for selling them the ticket.

Trice stated that she intends to spend some of the money on rent and that she wants to put at least some of it in savings as well. Mitchell also stated that he plans to use the money on housing but added that he hopes to buy a new car with the money too.

“I’ll never forget it,” Mitchell shared. “Definitely a birthday to remember.”

The exact date of their lucrative lunch break is unclear. The Kentucky Lotto lists it only as “Our Lucky Day” on their shared check.

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