Comedy! Leftist Radio Host Asks Jean-Pierre If the FCC Can Pull the ‘License’ of Fox News

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite boasted of exclusive access to Muslim comedian and Sirius XM satellite radio host Dean Obeidallah asking White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if Congress should give the FCC the power to remove their er, broadcast license after the cable news network’s communications were revealed in the Dominion defamation lawsuit.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Look, the FCC the way the law is right now, it does not cover cable news. We all know that. Broadcast news, though. It does. It, it’s called distortion. And it has to be you have to show that they said something false on purpose they knew was false and they could be sanctioned. They can lose their license on a network. It doesn’t apply to cable.

Do you think there’s any chance to explore the idea of expanding that? It would take an act of Congress, to expand the FCC’s mandate to include, just apply that, what that already applies to CBS and ABC and FOX on network to cable equally. It would apply to everyone, if (inaudible) did same thing that we know Fox did. Because if not, why would Fox not just keep lying to the American public without any consequence? I don’t know why they would stop this.

Rational people can excuse Obeidallah’s censorious enthusiasm since he loves stirring the pot with “comedy” like suggesting in 2016 that we exchange Trump with Mexico for the murderous drug lord “El Chapo.” Jean-Pierre gave a political answer, suggesting that on regulation, it’s a No, but Fox is dreadful.

JEAN-PIERRE: I have to be careful. FCC is an independent agency, so we need to be careful here. But I get your point. You know, look, I think everybody has a responsibility, if you call yourself a news organization, to tell the truth, you know, and I mean, that’s probably as far as I can go. I think when you ask me about Fox, and I think that’s I think the question that I got on MSNBC with Alex was close enough to that.

But to the question that you did, you just you just asked me. And in the best way that I can answer it is even Fox News leadership, in their depositions say, as we as I was being asked about the Tucker Carlson show, that it’s not news or truthful. And I think that tells you everything that you need to know. 

You’re going to find zero enthusiasm at CNN and MSNBC for extending the FCC’s authority from broadcast TV to cable TV…not to mention raunchy cable networks. They prefer the leftists just pressure cable companies to drop Fox without the government getting too involved.

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