The Kruiser Kabana Episode 213: Some Tough Love for My Conservative Friends About Voter Fraud

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It’s time for a little real talk about voter fraud that I know is going to irritate some people. However, I hope that I can convince some others to focus a little more. Either way, I’ve got some energy going for this one, ladies and gentlemen.


As I say near the top of the episode, this is based on not only conversations I have frequently, but on comments I get on any columns or Morning Briefings that discuss elections. As we’re heading into what’s going to seem like a 20-year-long presidential election cycle (I’ll have a video out about that soon), I felt like doing something that I could simply refer my detractors to.

It’s like putting heckler responses on autopilot.

Also, we’ll have another guest on next week, which I announce in this one.


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