Video leaves many with impression China is building secret army in U.S. thanks to Biden’s open borders

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Republicans and some Democrats have been sounding the alarm for two years now that Joe Biden’s open borders policies are leaving our country extremely vulnerable to attack, and a new video that’s been posted online only strengthens that belief.

It is undeniable that there is significant chaos and turmoil occurring at the US border. Since Joe Biden assumed office and terminated President Trump’s effective border policies, the situation has been one of complete disorder, resulting in a surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border, notes Revolver News in an assessment of the situation and the video.

When we think about the border crisis, we typically picture immigrants from Latin America crossing over. Although that is mostly accurate, there is a new alarming trend happening at the border, and the US government has been relatively silent about it, the report notes further.

Fox News recently shared a video that depicts military-aged Chinese men crossing the US border at an alarming rate. According to the report, so many young men are pouring across that authorities are unable to provide housing for all of them, leading to an “overwhelming problem.”

“This has many people concerned and wondering if China is using our wide open border to build a secret army within the US,” Revolver News‘ assessment continued.

A Twitter user going by the handle “Amuse” has written an intriguing Substack post on the topic, suggesting that China could be utilizing our open borders to establish an “army” on US soil. Amuse’s theory is based on an ancient one that involves terra-cotta statues, the report said.


Amuse writes:

While the Biden administration is fixated on its proxy war in Ukraine, emptying both our ammunition stockpiles and our strategic petroleum reserve, China is quietly sending thousands of military-age males across our southern border. Just as the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, built his secret terracotta army to accompany him in the afterlife, President Xi is building a secret modern-day terracotta army right here in our backyard. The question our policymakers should be asking is WHY?

The author Amuse raises a valid question about the “logistics” of Chinese citizens getting to the US. It’s not easy for them to leave China, so how are they managing to do so, and who is helping them?

“It is virtually impossible for Chinese nationals to leave China without permission much less buy an airline ticket to Ecuador and pay the $10,000-$30,000 cartels charge to cross the border. To purchase an airline ticket to Ecuador Chinese nationals must have a passport and an exit visa. Fewer than 10% of Chinese nationals have a passport and it is practically impossible to get an exit visa without an act of God,” Amuse continues.

“Somehow thousands of military-age men from China are booking tickets to Ecuador with nothing more than a backpack and a passport. Once they reach Ecuador they are met by CCP-backed NGOs who arrange their travel to the US border. Given these facts, it is almost certain that China’s Ministry of State Security is organizing and funding the invasion,” Amuse adds, claiming that the Mexican cartels are involved in helping the Chinese nationals get into the U.S. Once in the country, they are then heavily monitored by Chinese underground groups — all of which makes sense since the Chinese government is supplying the cartels with the ingredients to make deadly fentanyl that is killing nearly 100,000 Americans annually.

“Once these Chinese nationals are in the US they are monitored and supervised by a network of Chinese aid organizations. Six years ago China’s Communist Party began a concerted program to fill both domestic and international NGOs with loyal party members in an effort to spread its influence and control,” Amuse writes.

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